Destiny hidden PVP playlist, Trials of Osiris, discovered on Mercury

Individuals who dug into Destiny's source code have reportedly discovered a new competitive multiplayer playlist, Trials of Osiris, which will take place on Mercury.

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Bennibop1542d ago

I have played on a mercury map which confused me at the time.

tanukisuit1541d ago

I think the Ghost mentioned Mercury briefly, so it makes sense that we will visit there.

I just wanna know if we will [ever] leave the SOL system...!

TM3331541d ago

Seriously, I wanna go beyond too. Really hoping they eventually implement space combat as well. That would be killer.

Conzul1541d ago

You can play on Mercury right now by chosing Crucible 3v3 playlist. I guess they think the map they have is too small for 6v6.

Also on the Forgotten Shore in Old Russia there is a basement with lvl 18 Champion of Osiris knights in it.

Viryu1541d ago

Mercury PvP is unlocked via one of the exotic weapon bounties. Requires 1 mote of light to enter, and you have to pay again after losing 3 games.

the_dark_one1541d ago

is this for the skirmish game mode? cause i remember playing there in clash and not having to do anything at all to get there

GusHasGas1541d ago

Funny troll attempt, buddy.

You don't need anything special to get into the map. Just select from Skirmish, Rumble, or Salvage and hope that one of the maps you play on is Mercury.

kratoz12091541d ago

Would be nice if Activision released a new planet for free as a thankyou to those that purchased the game straight away

Guelly02091541d ago

C'mon we all know they would NEVER do that. I love the idea but we all know it's about the money

Palitera1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

If it would be the case, they wouldn't have released their game of the eternity with 4 PVE maps and 4 PVP game modes and repetition and repetition and repetition in the first place.

Don't take me wrong, I like the game, but it is very obvious that, as in some cases the design revolves around microtransactions ou auction house, here it is all about selling DLC.