The Ultimate Rivalry: Destiny vs. Halo 5

8BitChimp says, "It seems that in every conversation you’re in, Destiny comes up at least once, From “OMFG! Look how sick that mask Looks!” To “OMFG! Look at the scenery!”

But the one thing people think of when they see Destiny, is Halo. What I see happening is Destiny will draw attention from the new Halo: Master Chief Collection, and eventually from Halo 5. Destiny will be hard to beat."

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lifeisgamesok1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Destiny won't be hard to beat by Halo 5 I'm betting

With the great improvements 343 made with the Halo Master Chief Collection I can see Halo 5 being a even bigger beast visually and gameplay wise

Destiny even though it has sold well is still a disappointment critically

@NewMonday I doubt Destiny can have better multiplayer when Halo 5 will likely have Tanks, Banshee's, Ghosts, Gungoose, Warthogs, etc

NewMonday1549d ago

Halo 5 will be a decent rental for the campaign, just cant see it competing with Destiny MP.

MrPink20131549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I don't think he's kidding. He's been in some sort of Destiny campaign trying to downplay any negativity it receives. Plus if you look at other comments he's made he's not exhibiting that same positive campaign when it comes to do with the Xbox One. In fact it seems quite the opposite so it's no wonder which side he's taken. Sad really some stoop this low when opinions should be solely based on the software.

It's way too early to tell either way. I haven't even seen any Halo 5 footage yet. Destiny received tons of press but knowing Microsoft they too will get the word out on H5. One thing is its doubtful Halo 5 will have an average score of 77 on metacritic.

poppinslops1549d ago

Oh no sir, HE'S SERIOUS!

If you're ever bored you should check out his Comment History. Redefines 'zealot', but good for a laugh...

XBLSkull1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Halo 4 is better than Destiny, of course 5 is going to beat it too. People don't realize that Bungies talent got jobs at 343i and are still making Halo games, and bungie is now a new crowd. Go compare some of the ViDoc's bungie does now and in the past. All new people. That's why Halo still rocks, and Destiny isn't very good.

Funny rivalry though, Halo vs its old developer. That's cause Halo doesn't have any rivals, it's always stood as one of the top FPS of all time, and definitely the best one ever on a console.

NewMonday1549d ago

sure guys loyal fans of Halo will be committed but the rest of the world is moving on, Halo 4 proved the IP is in the indulgence phase.

Septic1548d ago

" just cant see it competing with Destiny MP."

Please tell me you're not talking about the PvP because as lacking as Halo 4's PvP was, even that blew Destiny's basic cookie cutter pvp out of the water.

NewMonday1548d ago


I never got into Halo PvP but I play with many people who say Destiny has a similar feel and a bit faster and they enjoy it more, and by the time Halo is out in 2015 Destiny PvP should much more evolved and with a large committed player base.

as for the other half of Destiny MP the PvE co-op Halo can't touch it.

Volkama1548d ago

Even if 343i totally mess up Halo 5 multiplayer, The Halo collection has the PvP side wrapped up.

But it isn't right to say that all of Bungie's talent went to 343i. Destiny has exquisit art and in particular level design that clearly comes from the creators of Halo.

IMO the talent has been split between the 2 studios.

Benchm4rk1548d ago


I understand Destiny might be the best shooter since sliced bread on your PS4 but on Xbox HALO is king. Guarantee when Halo MCC comes out in November that player numbers in Destiny on Xbox One will dive dramatically let alone when Halo 5 comes out.

Septic1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Destiny's pvp is very basic. In fact, it doesn't even come close to Halo 2 let alone the later games. There's simply not much depth to it. I'll be very surprised to see it feature in any MLG tournaments.

The backbone of the MP is just not there for Destiny. It really is very simple and ultimately, for it to even compete with Halo, it would need a major overhaul. I severely doubt that's going to happen.

"as for the other half of Destiny MP the PvE co-op Halo can't touch it"

Well Halo doesn't have PvE in the sense that Destiny has. And yet, where this should have been an area where Destiny blew Halo out of the water, simply due to the supposed scope of this, Halo still comes up trumps in terms of storytelling.

In fact, whilst Halo's fiction is great, the games did a poor job of doing them justice. But somehow, Destiny managed to fudge this up by (1) failing to have anywhere near as compelling a narrative as Halo's and (2) not even fleshing out the story in its own game.

However brief Halo 5's campaign will be, for that short amount of time, I can still expect an engaging and meaningful narrative with decent gameplay variety as opposed to a repetitive grind fest.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I'm not even going to attempt to pretend what Halo 5 is going to be. But I don't need to. The past Halo games have already set a standard that Destiny cannot reach.

Benchm4rk1548d ago


Bubble up for well said mate. You hit the nail on the head. I dont even know how to follow up on that comment ;-)

NewMonday1548d ago


I did say the Halo5 campaign will be worth a play.

the disappointment in Destiny was on the story campaign part, the MP both PvE and PvP is what made people love it.

ALLWRONG1548d ago

@NewMonday I have never seen so much damage control. 343 did a fine job with Halo 4 and Halo Anniversary. Halo MCC is a beast of a game. So, I would place bets on Halo 5 being pretty damn good.

Apparently in the MS/Bungie divorce, MS got all the talent. What is sad is Bongies worst Halo game is better than Destiny.

Halo ODST 83

Destiny 77

Just for giggles Halo Wars 82

KiLLUMiNATi_891548d ago

Idk what you smoking but i would like some..

Benchm4rk1548d ago


"the disappointment in Destiny was on the story campaign part, the MP both PvE and PvP is what made people love it."

Its the PvP that is the most disappointing. Most of the people I know and talk to agree. Ive never played such an Unbalanced PvP in my life.

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ScorpiusX1548d ago

Halo 5 open intro will easily shame destiny like the garbage it is .

Sm00thNinja1548d ago

Is this article a EFFIN JOKE LETS NOT ACT LIKE DESTINY IS EVEN A GOTY contender now! I love Destiny Lvl 26 on PS4 if anyone wants to get a game going but a good game doesn't need to be defended! Game is addicting but I'm not in denial this game has some real faults!

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Einhert1548d ago

Halo 5 will destroy this game because it will actually have compelling narrative and characters.

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