Square Enix Announces FFXV Is a Road Trip Simulator, Here Are the Confirmed Checkpoints (Satire)

Claudia writes, "Driving around on what is essentially one really long road trip might get boring, so here are a couple of stops you’ll probably make along the way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of Final Fantasy XV."

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UltimateMaster1485d ago

Cars are better than riding on Chocobos.
I mean, you can't order Mc Donalds in a drive thru on the back of a Chocobo.

Hellsvacancy1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I'd much rather ride a Chocobo through a drive-through Mc Donalds than a car

the_dark_one1485d ago

How about.....ride a car with a chocobo in the back seat? or maybe a chobobo chick??

Adrian_v011485d ago

I'd rather have a chocobo in a back seat than a chocobo in an afro.

kingdip901485d ago

I would like to ride a chocoholic to a kfc just to let him know who the boss is.

Metallox1485d ago

Chocobos can destroy cars easily, they're also cheaper, comfortable and they can be the food in extreme cases.

DevilOgreFish1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

the moment Chocobos are gone is the moment final fantasy dies. Final fantasy VIII had no problem including them in their high-tech world, why should this game?

Jaqen_Hghar1485d ago

no lol just no. They're just big chickens it's ridiculous to put so much emphasis on a stupid animal. If the game has great gameplay, story, and an engrossing world are you gonna say it's bad because it doesn't have chocobos?

SoulMikeY1485d ago

Cause the original Final Fantasy had chocobos right? Lol, oh wait...

Qrphe1485d ago

Calm down, there'll be Chocobos like always, hopefully Fat Chocobos like in XIV

FullmetalRoyale1485d ago

I would feel weird eating Mcnuggets while riding a Chocobo. But I'd still do it.

DiscoKid1485d ago

Probably because the Chocobo would freak out if they ordered a McChocobo sandwich.

Muzikguy1485d ago

Sure you can, just like a motorcycle. Just have them duck :)

Magicite1485d ago

I would rather skip that junk food.

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trickman8881485d ago

Thanks for putting the *Satire* Warning.

GeofferyPeterson1485d ago

Yeah because we're all way too stupid not to realize it's satire from the title alone. Oops, I forgot to put my helmet back on. Drool.

Paprika1485d ago

Maybe I'm having a bad day, but satire on n4g feels like just blatant advertising tbh. Was twinfinite satire yesterday too.

I'll come to your site for satire if I want to read it for the lols, otherwise news is what I want here lol

Rant over, sorry guys!

DrJones1485d ago

There are a thousand other articles for you to read on this site, yet you stop at this particular one and take the time to post a comment.

Paprika1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

OK my bad, I guess this isn't N4G blog material it should 100% be listed as news, let's all just moan about click bait articles that cover news, but satire is fine :) Brb just heading over to gameFAQs for news lol.

I actually ignored twinfinites satire on numerous occasions. And I simply stated my opinion, I have nothing against the site or the source article on twinfinite itself. But if all smaller fansites do this, N4G loses all credibility as a good news source IMO. We can't link direct translations from tgs via reddit posters, or direct YouTube as source, but satire is fine? I dunno, each to his own lol.

AceOfCakez1485d ago

I frickin LOVE In 'N Out. This game is an instant buy now that I know that wonderful establishment is in this game.

Fizzler1485d ago

If you have to say that your article is satire, it just defeats the purpose of writing it, it's like telling someone you're going to pickpocket them before actually doing it.

Muzikguy1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Well with the internet the way it is and people reading into every little detail about EVERYTHING, if you don't specifically say it's satire people will take it as truth. It's sad really.

Edit: come to think of it, maybe it's the idea that people don't know how to communicate with each other or everyone wanting to jump down everyone's throat that has caused this passive society we live in. You know, how we never get to talk to the people when we need to, get a robot or have to stand in line for hours to fix a problem that takes 5 seconds. Or rent from a company you never see because they have someone else there doing all the work. Wow, thanks man! +1

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