15 Mods We Want To See For Grand Theft Auto 5 On PC

Games are fun. That’s about as obvious as it gets. Everyone enjoys something or the other in games; we have handhelds, we have power hogs of consoles and then we have PCs. The latter enjoys a smug expression and an insufferable hubris, but there’s merit to all that. We PC users have modding at our disposal.

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TXIDarkAvenger1542d ago

Definitely want a tsunami. That was a lot of fun on GTA IV

GdaTyler1541d ago

It already exists. There are Youtube videos on it. :D

MikePote691541d ago

I would like to a full scale zombie infection/break out happen from the start and see the infection spread in a multiplayer survival experience.

kingduqc1540d ago

1. Hulk mod
2. Space Travel
3. Zombies
4. First Person mod
5. Millennium Falcon
6. Explosions
7. Hitman mod
8. Back To The Future
9. Be A Cop
10. Batmobile Mod
11. Superman Mod
12. Graphical Fidelity
13. Rocket Launchers for Everyone
14. Aggressive Crowd
15. Carmageddon

they still do 15 pages for 1 article, don't waste your time people.

sungam3d1540d ago

Yeah, clack spam crap to generate ad revenue.
Sites like this should have their adsense revoked.

Aberdasher1540d ago

I just want to see what the Ultra HD Texture mods do to this game.