Castlevania: Dracula X Hitting Wii U VC on October 2nd in North America

One of the rarest SNES games becomes easily available thanks to the Wii U VC.

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JohnathanACE1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Pretty great game. Not as great as Castlevania Rondo of Blood (the game it was based on) but still very nice to see this coming to the E-Shop.

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superchiller1458d ago

A much better, more definitive version of this game has been out for a long time on PSP, playable on Vita (Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles). The PSP version also has enhanced 2.5d graphics, redone cut-scenes, and two other unlockable games included (Turbografx-16 version of Rondo of Blood, and a port of Symphony of the Night). A bit late to the game for Wii U, and without any enhancements at all.

marloc_x1458d ago

I'm gonna check the thrift store for a PSP..

TomahawkX1458d ago

get the Wii version of Rondo of Blood instead, it's in Japanese but has better graphics, music and anime cutscenes.

ptownjbo1458d ago

Sucks that you can just use the GamePad for it though.

TomahawkX1458d ago

playing with the wiimote is perfectly fine, the game only uses like 2-3 buttons

Locknuts1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Link seems broken.

Edit: Never mind. Worked that time.

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