New MGSV: The Phantom Pain character art and info

On the final day of Tokyo Game Show 2014, a couple of new details were shared during the last stage events. Some additional information is taken from Kojima's interview with Dengeki Online.

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sobotz1548d ago

Yoji Shinkawa's artworks is just the best!

TomahawkX1548d ago

hell yea, his style has stayed consistent since MGS1, I love it!

Batzi1548d ago

So we know nothing about TPP's plot. The enemy, the boss fights, other characters...

I like that!

generic-user-name1548d ago

This sounds good can't wait to see it all

*looks at website*

Oh, well I'm sure this eternal loading screen will be just as good.

DevilOgreFish1548d ago

The dude with the beret is Kaz? i thought it was campbell. I probably must have lets some old news slip past me.

George Sears1548d ago

Yogi Shinkawa box art > CGI Shit