Ryse Son of Rome Should Not Have Come To PC

"A console port to PC, a Yay or a Nay ? My personal opinion remains that Ryse Son of Rome should not have come to PC, instead it should have remained a Xbox One exclusive."

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UltimateMaster1546d ago

It was supposed to be a last gen multiplat game.
Until Microsoft paid for exclusivity.

Kayant1546d ago

No it was supposed to be a kinect game for X360 until it was retooled.

XBLSkull1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Xbox One and a Windows PC are the same in my book, don't really care. Microsoft platforms continue to be the best place to play. I'll take my multiplatforms on one of those platforms. I own a PS4 for exclusives only. Owning all of them is the only way to go as a gamer though , best of everything. Best network in XBL, best graphics on PC, and the best games on all 3. No Wii U needed.

Eonjay1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

The costs associated with creating this game need to be recouped. It was not supposed to drive the company to the brink of bankruptcy. Lest we forget that Crytek only still exists because of a cash infusion secured by the ownership. Doesn't really matter if it was supposed to be a 360 or Xbox One game at this point.


A bit of a logical fallacy to say that real gamers own all, except for Wii U because its not needed. Sounds like an oponion... not a fact.

mikeslemonade1546d ago

XBskull is telling a bunch of lies there. It's a known fact PS4 is the Multiplatform player. The network for XBL is slower. I own both as well. Taking me almost all day to download games on XBL and slower to install those games by a big margin.

stragomccloud1546d ago

@XBLSkull No Wii U needed? As a PC gamer, I can say that without a doubt, if you have a PC, then a Wii U is the only one that is truly necessary. Sony has some nice exclusives, so it makes a good second console, but Wii U has hands down the most console exclusives and has the kind of games that just are not available on PC or other consoles. So..... yeah.

DigitalRaptor1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

@ AlexKoepp

Sure, bring Windows PC into the equation to downplay PS4 if you can't manage to get Xbone to fight its own losing battles.

And the fact that you say Wii U is not needed proves that none of your points are anything but warped opinion. Owning all of them is the only way to go as a gamer though, except the "unnecessary" console that has more and better rated exclusives than the Xbone.

That makes perfect sense. /s

hiredhelp1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Crytek wasnt happy with there sales every company makes bad choices there bad choice given there financial stance was to listen to MS get suckered into a exclusive deal no offence to MS owners but company one my most liked devs had issues doing this was never good.
If there still tied to MS then hitting Pc with ms holding the cards on there OS is another way for crytek increase sales. Im Defo pumped this game on my Rig but im saddened that CEO made bad choice not multi platform this would sold hugely.
BTW Ryse should not be on PC well witcher 2 should stayed PC exclusive too huh. It happens get over it.

NukaCola1546d ago

XBLSkull doesn't own a Playstation. Don't listen to the madness and deception.

mike_honcho1545d ago


I've been saying that for months about the 1 bubble brigade.. but in my opinion they must think saying that they own one gives them justification to come to sony articles to troll.. I'm not saying that some of them don't own both consoles or even all 3 but c'mon for as much as some of these people seemingly hate sony just sell it then.. furthermore I'd love to get some psn ids for validation tho..

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Enemy1546d ago

Seriously. It bombed on Xbox. Least they could do is at least try and make up for their loss, which resulted in Crytek layoffs and bankruptcy rumors.

ScorpiusX1546d ago

I seriously doubt before any god that this game was the issue for crytek loss , mismanagement or stupidity at excutive levels .

Eonjay1546d ago

Not withstanding the fact that companies like to make money, he has a point in saying that if exclusives are supposed to be a reason to purchase an Xbox, porting them to PC kind of effects that prospective.

DanielGearSolid1546d ago

That's what makes it dumb

Crytek should be worried about making their IP available to as much ppl as possible, which makes them money.

Not worried about adding value to Xbox One and making MS money but does nothing for Crytek

Tetsdah1546d ago

This is why 3rd party exclusivity is shaky though and why 1st party or 1st party collabs with 3rd party are so important. If you want more appeal to your console, collab more 1st-3rd party projects or create more 1st party titles.

ScottyHoss1545d ago

Funding the industry is creating a market with more developers, more games and happier gamers. That's why they should stop buying exclusivity, their money could be spent making something new and ambitious, instead of an albeit beautiful game, one where mashing buttons is the norm.

Stallion1546d ago

It shouldn't have come out for fucking anything. It's spunk gargle weewee shit.

starchild1546d ago

Pfft more exaggerated nonsense. Lots of people enjoyed the game on Xbox One. There's no reason to think that many people on PC won't enjoy it as well.

But among the mindless gamer sheep, anything that isn't amazing is pure shit. You guys are ridiculous.

starchild1546d ago

Yeah, very very dumb. Crytek is not a first party developer. They obviously had some deal with Microsoft that allowed them to release a PC version after an exclusivity window. This will allow Crytek to make some more much needed money off the game and allow those on PC that the game interests to enjoy the game as well.

TardcoreGamer1546d ago

The author is clearly a butthurt Xbox One fanboy.

Meltic1546d ago

why is it dumb?. Look dead Rising 3. It was poorly optimized. Next gen port games is harder to optimize than multi platform games. So meaby this game have some issues too. Who knows. Im going to try it out

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Smurf11546d ago

Everyone deserves to play a beautiful looking game. Silly article. Wish it was on PS4 as well.

mohsin25961546d ago

I agree with you and I am equally excited for its release on PC. You probably didn't read my whole opinion :)

ScorpiusX1546d ago

Just plain and simple No.

Trekster_Gamer1546d ago

I agree I love this game on the Xbox One. I wish it was available on all platforms., I think it was just given bad press and bad comments by people who never actually played it. It was a very enjoyable game with incredible graphics,a great story, great voice acting and all around awesome experience.

DEEBO1546d ago

Lol need to put it on more then just the pc to make some cash.

Mega241546d ago

Crytek needs the money, unless you want them to go under...

affrogamer1546d ago

people are just gonna pirate it!

JD_Shadow1546d ago

Way to just assume based on...what?

tee_bag2421546d ago

Poor mans argument. Way to go

Snookies121545d ago

Hmm, movies get pirated all the time, music does as well, so do books, and TV shows, etc. Doesn't stop people from going out and buying them.

Macdaddy711546d ago

Bomb on the xbox one, best looking game todate!!! If you don't think so then your just a dumbass....

HeWhoWalks1546d ago

"best looking game todate"

- No.

OT: Article is poorly written and the sentiments are nearly as bad.

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