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Smurf11548d ago

Rockstar's doing great job with this game. This is how you make a remastered game.

Dark111547d ago

Rockstar showing how Remasters are done.

overlorduk1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Yet a lot of people, as happened with the ones who have already played it on the older consoles, will still complain that they get bored with it very quickly. It seems that the more there is to do in a game the quicker people get bored with it. Then they go back to running in circles in COD or BF :D

I'm looking forward to it. Open world games are the best and even better with a first person option IMO.

EvilWay1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

"Showing how remasters are done?"

Don't get to ahead of yourself. The experience will be the exact same. I would bet heists are still not in by the time the game re releases.

343i showed us how remasters are done

What are they doing to "show us how remasters are done" exactly?

mikeslemonade1547d ago

GTAV is not worth playing again. Despite being a top 10 last gen game.

XBLSkull1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

343i and Rockstar are both giving a clinic on remasters this year, other devs should be taking notes if they are planning to follow suit (MCC, wow! What an incredible fan service). Hate that this game is coming out a week after Halo and on the same day as Far Cry, not enough hours in a day to be able to take all these experiences in, these 3 games should have me entertained for weeks, and there is still a handful out on the same days I didn't bother to mention but still quality titles.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1547d ago

i havent played GTA 5 yet so i cant wait and dont mind paying 60.. i waited a while tho lol

NarooN1547d ago

Let the hype train rev it's engines up yet again.

So they increase the texture resolution, up the framerate, increase draw distance, make the traffic denser, etc., basically stuff that's totally EXPECTED from a gimped PC version, and they add a first-person view whilst walking (which will most likely be totally worthless in actual combat) and that's somehow revolutionary? Lol no.

NCAzrael1547d ago


Probably by adding gameplay changes and making the experience a bit different. For those rare people that haven't played the game, it's still the same great game it was when it was released, but with better visuals. For those of us who have played the game, it's still the same great game it was but with better visuals and some subtle changes to what we're used to.

Personally, I don't care if they never follow through with heists for online. I just want them to focus on some really great single player DLC.

UltraNova1547d ago

Either I'm too hard to please or the upgrades seem a bit excepted...I think this was the original version of the game's pc development stage then 'trimmed' to console specs while porting...

One thing's for sure, we all know that 3rd person view is optimal for this kind of game and that R* wouldn't even bother with s 1st p.v. if it wasn't for future VR support. Now that is what I call a true upgrade, if, its directly developed by R* themselves of course.

Its a must buy anyway since I didnt finish the game on my ps3 in anticipation for the next gen version. Los Santos I coming to finish what I started!

Kidmyst1547d ago

@mikeslemonade I respect your opinion but I am an exception to that, I played the hell out of it on PS3 and shelved it for other new games. But when I heard about the next gen remaster with better resolution and added stuff I am looking forward to playing it again as much if not more the second time. unlike GTA4 where I bailed after about half way on single player I thoroughly enjoyed GTA5 and the mix of characters. Not to mention friends who held out for a PS4 version I can play with online. Plus keep all my cars, guns and Apt. where I left off.

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r1sh121547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

would 1st person in gta ruin it?
Personally I wouldnt use it.

Also they could be doing all these great game updates etc. But

Are there heists yet?

Personally I think 1st person isnt right for a game like GTA but i could be wrong.

This is still a rumour though

jdaboss1547d ago

heres the thing though.. I think its really gonna happen. Look back at the first PS4/XBone trailer and you see a shot of Michael in a car with the first person view.

NukaCola1547d ago

It already has 1st person driving. I never use it though. GTA is a third person game through and through.

tee_bag2421547d ago

The original GTA was a top down. Going to 3rd person didn't ruin it. Nothing wrong with adding new things.
I'm all for it so long as I can choose other views too

LookAtYou1547d ago

I remember saying this was a must have feature for GTA 5 a year before it came out, on this site, and most people were like omg noooooo that'd change the game too much and take away from the original formula, rockstar are godzzz don't tell them how to make gamez. Glad theyre adding it.

geddesmond1547d ago

"Take this as a rumour for now, but looks like Rockstar Games released this info way too early and backtracked"

The game is only one month away from release how early can this information come. To me all information should be hitting the media right now. I know its GTA, the biggest franchise ever after Mario and it needs no help to sell but why are rockstar holding more information. The more info released now equls the more pre orders it will get from last gen owners wantig an upgrade.

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PainUzumaki1548d ago

Oh wow...I guess they took notes when they saw that first person mod someone did a couple months back on youtube...I hope this happens on the next gen & PC versions!

Vegamyster1548d ago

A first person mod for GTA4 came out 5ish years ago.

ScamperCamper1547d ago

From what I'm reading.. http://www.grandtheftautofo... the PC version should be the greatest PC game ever. I just want those PC specs verified. I guess with the release date delay for PC version till 2015, we have to wait what rig we need and what cards are out at the time. I'm a big mad because my rig seems good, but in 6 months that may not be the case. Whatever the case, I'm with you. Mods!! Bring it on. They bring huge value and Rockstar must realize it.

dodgemoose1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Not sure how I feel about a first person mode for on foot. Can imagine gunfights becoming awfully twitchy if it lets you zoom in using scopes/sights.

Dee_911547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I don't know.A first person GTA would be kind of awesome..I'm pretty sure if its true they can get it to work smoothly.
It would bring new life to swimming, sky diving,... prostitutes.

Dontworrybhappy1548d ago

Proof. I don't want to get excited and have it not be true.

Dee_911547d ago

Actually I thought they said interior view for cars at e3.. First hearing of on foot tho...

smolinsk1548d ago

why remove it again?? is it not true then after all?

Smurf11548d ago

Maybe they published early.

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