Nintendo World Report: Wii Fit Review

Nintendo World Report writes: "Wii Fit is possibly the ultimate casual game. Its marketing targets a wide spectrum of players, such as soccer moms and people that don't know what exercise is. It contains no blatant references to any established Nintendo franchise; instead, Wii Fit occupies the same as-yet-unnamed genre as Wii Sports and Wii Play, that stable of games that encourages everyone to play regardless of - in this case - weight or range of motion. I'm a huge fan of excercising at home, so my wife and I grabbed Wii Fit on Day Uno. After a full fortnight, are our waistlines slimmer? Is our posture better? Can we lift baby pachyderms over our heads without batting an eye? I'm happy to say "yes" to all of the above, excluding the pachyderm thing. I made that up.

Wii Fit's biggest strength is also its biggest weakness: its focus is primarily on improving your center of balance, and thus your posture. According to the friendly, flexible on-screen Balance Board character, poor posture leads to back problems, low energy, and poor digestive health (as the owner of three collapsed intervertebral disks, I can assure you that poor posture also leads to excruciating pain!)."

+Balance Board provides great feedback and works well during gameplay
+There are a ton of activities
+Watching your CoB improve, and feeling the effects of that improvement, is awesome

-Doesn't provide a real workout
-Fitness goals are far too limited
-No motivational/fitness coaching mechanism
-Meager selection of Aerobics games versus other categories

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