Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One Resolution Higher Than Ghosts, Details On User Camo & More

Michael Condrey, co-founder of Sledgehammer games reveals new details about the upcoming shooter.

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MSBAUSTX1545d ago

I would hope that at this piint in XB1 games development that the resolution would be better than COD G j osts. I own the Wii U version and the XB1 version of Ghosts and there is barely much difference in the two. There is a huge difference when playing BF4 on XB1 compared to Ghosts though. For all of BF4's bad press and problems it may have had I have always thought that the game was definitely better looking than last gen games. G h osts was not. I ecpect Advance Warfare to be as noticable of a jump as BF4 was.

gameseveryday1545d ago

I am pretty sure Sledgehammer is using the SDK update and the freed GPU resource due to a game that won't be using Kinect.

MSBAUSTX1545d ago

Man I should start proof reading my posts when using my phone. It types strange things when I dont pay attention lol.

Gamer19821544d ago

Either way it will still look like crap compared to other shooters like the order, quantum break, battlefield, destiny etc.. With the just above PS3 graphics I'm surprised they couldn't hit 1080p at launch.

Gore-Content1545d ago

Dat wording. "Higher" than Ghosts. So, 1080p or not??? lol

badz1491545d ago


exactly what I was thinking.

esemce1545d ago

They may also claim 1080p/60fps but if it's not rock solid 60 then forget about it.

123pol1545d ago

i think this will be a upgrade to 900p for xbox one and maybe ps4 still has 1080p, but i fear the ps4 version might be downgrader to 900p to ;(

cruzngta1545d ago

hope they dont do that - that would be poor especially if the PS4 is able to render the 1080p image. If the hardware can run it then let it run the game.

Vegamyster1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Both could play it at 1080p but CoD has always been about smooth action, 60 fps should be the target. Right now we don't really know what either version will be running at so no point in worrying.

SlavisH21545d ago

they didnt do that last time why would they this time?

IzhanShafiq1545d ago

Digital foundry analysed Advanced Warfare,and they said the resolution is close to lower than 900p.It was like 1440x850 or something i can't remember it

MasterCornholio1544d ago

I remember reading that as well plus back then the frame rate wasn't locked at 60 yet. Anyways we will find out the truth soon so there's really no need for people to fight over speculation.

PCBOX1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I have seen a couple of news about this several months ago that they mentioned this "already higher res. than Ghosts" quote.So this is not something new and Gamingbolt carrying this title to headlines to downplay XO and praise the PS4.

Sorry Sledgehammer but if Forza Horizon 2 be able to achieve 1080p with jaw dropping graphics,on OW maps plus 4xMSAA solution and if you cant reach 1080p/60fps with old but just modified engine,it is not the console's failure,it is your incapableness.

Edit:SO we already knew this since they published the first trailer of the game captured on Xbox One.Thiss article has been written by DF at 03/05/2014

"Judging native resolution is all about finding long edges and comparing the number of actual rendered pixels with the background output (in this case, 1080p). This is a couple of the shots we extracted from the higher quality trailer for analysis. Using this methodology, we get a 49/60 ratio, suggesting something in the region of 1568x882 on Xbox One."

1568x882 is already higher than Ghosts on XO but this is the res.numbers of first Trailer captured on XO in May even before the June SDK update and the quote is very old as well so no need to carry this bullshit to headlines to downplay Xbox One.

Kavorklestein1545d ago

I agree to a degree... but incapability is the word you're looking for, I believe.

G20WLY1544d ago

Forza Horizon 2 is 30fps and therefore why compare that game when you know COD will be 60fps?

Incidentally, I'd choose FH2 over the next COD any day.

bababrooks1544d ago

lol played the demo dude? I guess not!!!!!!

dRanzer1544d ago


like i sayed before,when the game in motion it looks good, but when you stop for a moment you will see the truth
all of u come here agian and says that if a racing game running on the 1080 \ 30 then surely game like call of duty AW come to 1080, the problem is you not taken into account everything that goes on the screen at the same time, not to mention the 60FPS
Horizon 2 looks great but do not delude yourselves, Xbox one is not a magic box

CernaML1544d ago

I wouldnt consider Forza Horizon a technical marvel. It especially cant be compared to a game running at 60fps. If AW cant do 1080p, sorry, its the console's fault.

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CKPan1545d ago

Wow, we should jump up & down that it's "higher" than ghost.

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