Angry Joe's Review on Destiny

AngryJoe's greatest foe returns to influence one of the most anticipated games of 2014. How does the collaborative project from Bungie and Activation measure up to its hype? Find out!

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Septic1521d ago

Lol brilliantly emotive review. Watched the whole thing!

Dlacy13g1521d ago

100% agree! I am not always the biggest fan of Angry Joe but I have to say this review was funny and spot on.

4Sh0w1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Yeah I don't usually bother with his "Angry" reviews but this was well done. The only detail that I thought he got wrong was the $500 mil spent on dev'ing the game, as I think its advertising and future marketing/content too. Still I thought it was just going to be more of his over dramatic rants that I would stop watching a few minutes in but he actually made some really great points about Destiny that he backed up with substance AND it was funny. I haven't picked up Destiny so I'm pretty surprised Bungie one of my fav devs could release this game with so many the glaring flaws, no game is perfect but I expect better from Bungie, now I doubt I'll pick this game up anytime soon.

darthv721521d ago

that was pretty funny. I said this before. If bungie felt their dealings with MS was cause for them to go their own way then they are really going to wish they self published this game instead of dealing with activision.

The idea of the game is intriguing but the execution and decisions of how it flows just does not seem like it was bungie's choice.

XBLSkull1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Honestly one of the biggest downfalls for this game was the expectations of this game to be as big and awesome as Halo. Anyone who has played Halo knew after early footage was released that this was clearly not the case.

I think it is unfairly compared with Halo, which is a 10/10 series and this game clearly didn't live up to that legacy so people really bashed it. 6/10 scores are unfair, between 7 an 8 is where this game should be and that is the truth.

I just look to the bright side of things, less than 2 months until we all get to play Bungie's true masterpieces, Halo 1-3, all running 1080p60, the first two complete remasters with all of the games assets being improved, and Halo 3 getting updated lighting and shaders. Not to mention Halo 1 online for the first time. Can't wait for Master Chief Collection. Don't worry Bungie, this blunder will be forgotten when we are all having the time of our lives in the best console shooter online experience ever, and we do remember it was you who gave it to us.

And though Bungie and Microsoft departed on good terms, you have to realize that a good number of the Bungie employees left the company to be part of 343i. It isn't the same studio that made Halo so great, it's quite different now. That's why everything Halo continues to thrive, the people who are so passionate about it are still involved in those projects, and why we are seeing Halo 4, Master Chief Collection and presumably Halo 5 being such quality products. You also have to keep in mind Halo was always a one platform project that all resources could be devoted to. Now it's 4 consoles, and suffers from being cross gen as well.

buttclown1521d ago

I am still enjoying Destiny and mostly agree with this review but while watching I remembered Bungie fired Marty O'Donnell and his soundtracks are always amazing. It makes me sad especially if future updates/expansions/releases/et c. don't have the same sound and music as Destiny.

zero_gamer1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

@XBL: If a game that is 13 years old is still a way better game and had a much bigger impact on the gaming industry than a highly anticipated late-2014 game, there is a lot to be disappointed about.

This game is just "good enough" and nothing more.

DragonKnight1521d ago

Joe's reviews are always really good. It's too the point for me now that I can guess 80% of the time what score he's going to give because he's very thorough in his reviews.

His Corporate Commander character is superb.

Army_of_Darkness1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )


Clearly. ... Halo is a 10/10 series... Lmfao! I personally don't think so, but clearly... I'm wrong here.... ;-)

I always thought of bungie as a one hit wonder.. Even after moving on from halo they make a game very similar looking to halo lol!

user3672721521d ago

Dang...i have never seen angry Joe that angry in any of his previous reviews before. And he is spot on with all his points just like how I felt about the game

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Magicite1521d ago

Joe's show is always entertaining to watch, I loved his TLOU Re review.

jjonez181521d ago

Yeah lol at the ending.
"Somebody left your door open"

Eddie201011521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Don't agree with review, and no one said it cost 500 million to make or market Destiny. I believe it was said it is a 500 million dollar franchise, meaning multiple games. A rep from Bungie even said that the game nor it's marketing did not cost anywhere near 500 million, but people continually use the it cost 500 million in their reviews. Use common sense rather than sensationalizing everything.

Everyone acts like this is the first game that wasn't really story driven, Titan fall no real story and a lot less game play value, crack down no real story and no real game play is a Xbox favorite.

Bungie let everyone play a huge chunk of the game in the beta and most people loved it and bought it based on the beta, the game comes out and it becomes cool to bash on the game for what they think it should be, it's not perfect, no game is, what it is for the majority of people is fun, lots of fun.

Reviews are like A2S Holes everyone got one.

There are a good many reviews by reputable people that think this game is much better than a 6/10. Not discounting other reviews , just saying their are two sides to the coin. there are a great many people playing and really enjoying the game.

It is just sad that it has become cool to rag and low ball this game. Stupidly nit picking the game for things many great games are guilty of. Like I said in other post's reviews are more about the person giving them than the game it self.

34 minute self promoting review, barely a review, more of a rant.

bnkosu1521d ago

Yes, its clearly unreasonable to expect a game coming from the creators of the original Halo trilogy plus Reach to include a story in their "glorious" new universe.

Eddie201011521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Neither here nor there, they set out to make a different game. Haters are are just going to be hater's.
Bottom line is weather the game is enjoyable or not, not what you want it to be based on past efforts.

I've read hate going both ways, some saying it is too much like Halo.

All that matter is that I and many others are having fun playing Destiny. I know it has it's flaw's just like all games but it is no where near being a piece of garbage. Just because I like something and you don't doesn't make me an apologist.

Metacritic score

50 positive reviews
25 Mixed reviews
1 negative reviews

Many more positive reviews.

Metacritic user scores

756 positive reviews
147 mixed
344 negative
Pretty much the same on all versions.

Majority on both positive, majority says it is a great game. Must be apologists.

If you don't like the game don't play it, but by no means is it necessary to try and destroy it or Bungie.

zero_gamer1521d ago

Considering how far people go out of their way to defend a highly anticipated, but decent enough (at best) video game, I am glad I didn't waste 60 dollars on Destiny. Thanks for the free beta.

Eddie201011521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

You didn't consider this 34 minute over the top bad in so many ways review going out of the way to bash a good game. Hmm.

RocketTheCoon1520d ago

None of that wall of text you typed refutes anything Angry Joe said about the game, with the exception of the 500mil slip up.

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HonestDragon1521d ago

Simply put, Joe was downright livid at some parts with Destiny. Seems like a love/hate relationship there considering the great scope and production of the game versus the paid expansions that cut off a lot of content from the core game. This was a great review and that ending was hilarious.

A few of my friends got it and their reactions have been mixed at best. One of them loves it, but another sees it as just average. I was waiting on Joe's review to see what he thought, too. With hearing the impressions from sources I trust, I might actually pass on Destiny. I will still think about getting it in the future, but for now I can go without it.

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TongkatAli1521d ago

Man, his reviews are too funny.

Th4Freak1521d ago

19:53-20:20 was the best part.

PickAShoe1521d ago

the part where he talk about the spawn point is funny xD

ForgottenProphecy1521d ago

More people need to watch this review. I don't want game developers thinking "Man, Destiny made a lot of money, lets completely take out the story and chop it up for DLC too!"

TongkatAli1521d ago

Have you seen his Last Of Us review ? I was on the floor, too fing funny.

ForgottenProphecy1521d ago

Yeah, another one of his reviews I agree 100% with. It's like this guy is me. I need to watch more of his reviews.

CocoWolfie1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

makes me wonder what happened to the "this is how we greet here" (or some phrase) part :(

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1521d ago

No clue, obviously a bigger story was planned but cut. Guessing dlc.

Neixus1521d ago

Pretty accurate review

anwe1521d ago

I couldn't have summed it up better if I tried, hes definitely spot on.

PCBOX1521d ago

The game literally doesnt deserve over 6/10.The most repetitive and one of the most boring game ever played.I am on 20th Level so what rest?q

DeadlyOreo1521d ago

I think it deserves more. I'm level 22 and I'm having such a blast still, especially with the crucible. Do you play with friends? That makes it a whole lot better.

JackOfAllBlades1521d ago

Lvl 26 here, I think it's a really fun game

sourav931521d ago

Isn't the crucible basically pvp with different game modes such as domination and team deathmatch? I'm sorry, but most people who bought Destiny didn't buy it for that. They were expecting rich PvE content.

Grap1521d ago

every thing with your friends is a lot more fun. heck i would play chess with my friends all nights long without getting bored.

BootyBandit1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Now I heard everything. Most people didn't buy Destiny, a game regardless of it's RPG/MMO elements is an FPS at it's core and a damn good one at that, wasn't purchased to play online human vs human.

Yet any other FPS, whether it has a story or not or what elements are used in the game, people say I mostly purchased this to play online anyway so I could give a toss about anything but online.

Wow. How many times can the goal post be moved before someone steps in and burns the whole thing down and starts from scratch? I really wish the alternative (blogosphere & youtube) media never happened. (And this is not a shot at Angry Joe because I have nothing against him.) Now we have a race to the bottom with one continually trying to out do the other to get that revenue.

All of these reviewers getting all this product for free and hardly any know how to properly review the product they have in front of them.

All these ratings do is solidify how petty a consumer base can be whether it's again the manufacturer, dev or publisher.

Destiny at it's core and fundamentally is an exceptional game. People trying to put it in one box are missing just how ambitious this title truly is. Bungie missed the marks on a few key elements but this is the 1st go around with such a huge endeavor.

Gamers harp for new and bash the same old same old. When a developer tries something different they try to put it in a box and bash them for that.

Destiny has excellent play mechanics, excellent CPU AI, incredible sound, art work / graphics, incredible net code (not a hint of latency and spot on hit detection with pin point accuracy) for both exploring worlds and playing PvP and overall a lot of content. You can tell Bungie labored over this project of theirs. If they missed the mark on the story or wanting more elements and not having to grind it out once we hit level 20 and beyond? IMO, that of a guy that's been gaming since pong, those are not reasons to give such a quality "overall" product such a hit in a numbers system that is completely and utter discombobulated and inconsistent.

Personally I think the industry needs to step in and set parameters for reviews. Especially since most of the so called reviewers are getting this product for free.

I severely miss the days of old where reviewers would talk about everything aspect of a game individual and only at the end of the review give you their opinion of the overall experience of each game. It feels like not reviewers rate games more like movies than video games.

I love how before this generation there were articles talking about how whiny / self entitled gamers have become. Well guys now you have a media that matches that very aspect in everyway. Congrats and Enjoy.

You guys go play them sales and reviews.
I'm going to Mars.

CKPan1521d ago

It' fine to be a marketing victim and feel too shame to admit it.

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pompombrum1521d ago

level 27 and still having a blast. I think 6/7 is about right for reviews though to be fair, while I've personally already got my money's worth out of the game, the actual amount of content there doesn't feel like it's worth the full retail price and if it wasn't for my friends to play with, I'd have quit a week ago.

Letthewookiewin1521d ago

Im 25 and am having fun but I can't help but ask myself "why am I even doing this"? The story was really bad. 7/10 for me.