Capcom Explains the Difference Between Resident Evil and Revelations

For years now, the main Resident Evil games have been getting bigger and bigger. They're still scary, sure, but they're less traditional survival horror and more action game. That's where Revelations comes in.

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CerealKiller1549d ago

Glad they cleared this up for people who don't know and just jump to conclusions when they hear a new RE game is coming out.

Muzikguy1548d ago

Yes I'm glad they cleared this up. Thank you Kotaku and Crapcom! I guess this means they've been lying all along about getting the series "back to its roots". This is more like damage control now. It's no secret they were selling the name to fans and newbies alike while tarnishing the series altogether. Now they're saying the numbered series isn't even the true experience?! HA! Screw you Capcom! I hope all the fans read this article. I'm done with RE... Maybe all of Capcom for f**king over their fans into believing they were getting a real RE game until now.

MuhammadJA1548d ago

Best way to deal with this is to wait for a sale. Like $5 or something.

Muzikguy1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Oh yeah, no more Capcom launch games at $60 a pop. Going second hand only (minus that remake of the GameCube game coming)
Edit: no I think I'll buy that used too, out of spite

breakpad1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

The RE series is dead confirmed by themselves...with this statement i lost every bit of hope that maybe RE (the canon numbered series) will return to its roots (and success)....Revelations are very cheap made and suffer from previous terrible Capcom mistakes (idotic Holywood features , uninspired , unimaginative , bad concept art and lot others) also they made it episodic to drain money as much as they can (offcourse mimicking the lame-also cheap- Walking Dead series)... now they clarify that numbered series will be action-only :(:(..after RE Remaster i would stop buying any RE game that will come afterward ...bye bye RE for good

CerealKiller1549d ago

How are they draining as much money as they can by going episodic when you can buy and try the first episode for $7 instead of buying a full packaged game for $60. Plus by going digital they make money only when people buy the episodes and not when the game is sold to retailers in the physical form. Also I think you have the wrong impression of the Revelations series because the first one was great.

jay21548d ago

Actually it's coming out on disc, with more content that won't be in the digital copy straight after week 4.

Austin481548d ago

I see why you only have 2 bubbles troll!!! and also i have to tell people this all the time if you dont like it then dont buy it your ruining these things for the others if you cant except change then dont even bother commenting.

DarkOcelet1548d ago

He is not trolling , they already lost a huge chunk of their fanbase and they come out and say that means thats it for us old school resident evil fans .

breakpad1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

i dont have the right to comment and say my opinion???... why are you calling me a troll??? what are you?? some kind of Capcom s advocate opinion is that the Revelation games are nt so well made and dont have the right production behind them so they re decent mediocre (crap for me) RE games in comparison to the old original games before 4 ....Capcom once again choose the wrong path by putting them as the classic horror games which fans ask and mutating the numbered series to shit COD clones ( afterwards they wander why their games dont sell) man stop attacking me ...make a comment for the game

Austin481548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

You STFU i recon i have an opinion too and i think yours sucks im a fan of all resident evil games and yes ive even played 1-3 and code veronica i like the whole series equally and i know as much about the series then you do so accept change or STFU

Kyosuke_Sanada1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

-claps- Powerful argument, there's no proof that the changes to the series is hurting the RE.........err oh yeah Resident Evil 6's reception and sales.......nevermind.

DualWielding1548d ago

I'm not convinced about Revelations 2, the episodic structure puts me off, but the first Revelations was an awesome game.... still the best looking game on 3DS and its raid mode was totally addictive

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-Foxtrot1548d ago

So let me get this straight they are basically admitting that there's no hope for the main RE series.

They are trying to make out like Revelations is the horror series but they are just the same as the main series. They added co-op, I mean if you really were trying to separate them then you wouldn't of added it, it would of just been Claire and that's it.

DarkOcelet1548d ago

Now this is what i call .BS , i mean come on here , they should try to appeal to your already half lost fanbase not mass audience . That is a statement i didnt want to hear . So Resident Evil 7 will be even more action oriented than 6 . :(

Austin481548d ago

all im saying is if you cant except change then dont even bother arguing about it on comments and there is still tons of fans like my self not just the old ones if there werent then we woundt have a remake and a sequel on the way so they apparently still have hope for the series.

-Foxtrot1548d ago


No offence but if someone has been a fan since the series since it first came out then I think they are a fanbase more loyal then a fan who has just started to like it when it changed for the worse becoming a a shadow of it's former self

You are a fan of a franchise which isn't like the franchise anymore. So in a way how can you be a fan of RE when it's not even RE anymore, you like something totally different and in my opinion that doesn't make you a fan if you need a franchise to turn into something else for you to enjoy it.

jrshankill1548d ago

"You are a fan of a franchise which isn't like the franchise anymore. So in a way how can you be a fan of RE when it's not even RE anymore, you like something totally different and in my opinion that doesn't make you a fan if you need a franchise to turn into something else for you to enjoy it."

I wholeheartedly disagree with you here.

I have been a fan since Resident Evil 1 on PSX, I own every game (except the Wii rail shooters and outbreak) and I am still a fan today. I enjoy the story canon. I liked the idea of the intertwining stories of Resident Evil 6. When Resident Evil 4 was released everyone was singing it's praises and it was the game that took the biggest drastic step with the over-shoulder view. Resident Evil 5 and 6 simply built on that engine. Capcom have gotten so much mixed perceptions from fans that I don't blame them for changing the formula (fans were complaining that the gameplay hadn't changed during Resident Evil 3, and now fans complain they want to go back to this kind of survival horror).

While I agree that Resi 1,2,3 and CVX are the best games in the franchise, Resident Evil still has fans from the originals who still play today.

TXIDarkAvenger1548d ago

Revelations is good but its not the traditional survival horror RE we love. And shouldn't it be the other way around Capcom? Why would the main RE titles that started it all transition into an action game. If you wanted an action game, should of used the revelation title.

jrshankill1548d ago

Because people complained during Resident Evil 3 that the game was stale and repetitive. Now people are doing a 180.

jay21548d ago

RE is completely ruined. I don't want to babysit AI in a survival horror game I want RE2 and 3 in 1 game, loved the combinding herbs and ammo and Nemisis of 3 to everything else in 2. That's what I want more of!

Inception1548d ago

In RE Zero you 'babysit' AI and lots of classic RE fans praised the game for the "partner zapping" system, which from the gameplay trailer capcom decided to use it again on Revelations 2. So i'll suggest you to play the game first before complaining.

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