Capcom shows new Lost Planet screenshots

Today Capcom released a few new shots of their upcoming Xbox 360 game Lost Planet. If everything goes as planned, the multiplayer demo of this game will be available on Xbox Live tomorrow, but until then you need to do it with a few images of the game.

Lost Planet is an action game taking place on a distant, snowy planet. The game will be released in Japan at the end of December. European and North American gamers can pick the game up from their local gamestore somewhere in January 2007.

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PS360PCROCKS4408d ago

a demo tomorrow? hell yeah that's good news

TheMART4408d ago

Niicccceeeee another damn fine game. Maybe a sleeper killerapp even.

And yeah Sony fanboys I hear ya already. Another shooter. But they sell damn fine also. Gears, GRAW, COD3, Rainbow Six, Lost Planet all sell many copies

On the 360 at least. Selling over 5 games per unit. And the PS3? Just over 1 game average at launch. Pathetic. The 360 had 4.5 @ launch.

XBOX owners are grown ups with money to spend. PS users are kids with no pocket money left to buy the games.

Sorry Sony but it's over and out

shotty4408d ago

I like it. Looks different that Gears Visually. Its a nice contrast, gears uses alot of browns and greys while LP takes place in bright environments with bright pretty environments.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4407d ago

Man with all these awesome games coming out on the 360, I'm going to have to take out a loan or sell a Kidney .