Microsoft Promises 10-Year-Old It Won’t Mess Up ‘Minecraft’, YouTube Makers To Be Left Alone

Microsoft’s purchase of Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5 billion has understandably concerned fans of the PC, Xbox, Playstation, and mobile device game. One such fan is 10-year old Sabrina Lane, whose letter to CEO Natya Sadella asking the company to not “mess up” Minecraft was published by Fortune. Xbox head Phil Spencer responded with a letter Friday assuring Sabrina that the game will stay the same, but they are still looking for ways to make it better. At the same time, he told YouTube personalities who make money from producing Minecraft videos that nothing will change.

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Blackleg-sanji1543d ago

I was skeptical at 1st but hopefully they make it better for everyone and not just xbox

miyamoto1542d ago

Poor 10 year old boy must have owned a Window's Phone that is why...tsk...tsk...tsk

Redgehammer1543d ago

Iim not worried, I feel it was purchased for all the blocks that encompass what minecraft is, and not what MS envisions it to be.

Remy_Chaos1543d ago

It sure is gonna be weird to (possibly) see Microsoft's logo appear on the PS4 retail release. Only digital has released right? Anyways you all get my point.

Mr Pumblechook1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

I know what you mean but in these days of cross platform apps, where Sony and Microsoft have pass on iOS and Android, it will be fine to see the Microsoft Game Studios logo on the PlayStation game.

If Microsoft are clever they should also release the Halo terrain pack on PS4. In no way will it hurt them but it will actually help advertise the main franchise and they will find that it actually sell on PS4.

Rickgrimes951543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Well when a big corporation promises something it must be true .

Muzikguy1543d ago

I completely agree! It HAS to be true!

ShowGun9011543d ago

its sad when even a 10yr old knows M$ consistently screws up things, whether its mp3 players (zune), OSs (win 8), developers (rare), or franchises (pretty much all of rares)... even a kid EXPECTS M$ to screw this up. lets see what happens!

Muzikguy1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Of course I was being sarcastic

I like the idea of a 10 year old knowing that MS will mess up minecraft. I don't think that they'd know about the Zune or how much better previous versions of windows were though. They especially wouldn't know about Rare in the N64 days

mixelon1543d ago

Optimistic but still a little sceptical. If MS pull this off satisfactorily I'll be impressed.

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The story is too old to be commented.