A Look At Remaining Wii U Exclusives in 2014 Vs. XBOX One/PS4

N247: This holiday season is going to be a great one thanks to the great library of games still to come in 2014. The Wii U leads the pack with 5 exclusives.

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Geobros1542d ago

Wow!! Those 4 months are hot for Wii U :o!!

lelo2play1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Isn't the author forgetting about a few X1 and PS4 exclusives still to come, like Forza, LBP3, Killer Instinct S02? If it's real exclusives, then what about Super Smash Bros?

As for those WiiU exclusives, the only one that interests me is Bayonetta 2.

DualWielding1542d ago

Exactly, if LBP doesn't count because its on PS3 and Forza doesn't count because is on 360, then Smash and Sonic Boon who both are gonna be on 3DS should not count either.... the list is biased to make Wii U look better

TripC501542d ago

If you threw in FH2 and LBP3... The Wii U lineup still looks more impressive.

Gamer19821542d ago

Not to mention Samurai warriors 4, Singstar Ultimate and other exclusives people seem to forget about coming to PS4.

CertifiedGamer1542d ago

DualWielding LBP doesn't count because its on PS3 in that case neither do SonicBoon and Smash Bros as they are coming to the 3DS as well.

badz1491542d ago


no, if he doesn't like the Wii U games in the first place! he even said that what he's interested in in Bayo2, which means, he's NOT a Nintendo fan at all.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Smash and Sonic Boom are the same game but different version. Nothing is same other than characters for both are same.

Chrischi19881542d ago

Smash Bros is not the same game on both plattforms. They are made to work together, but they are not the same. Forza, other than graphics is going to be the exact same game, the same experience, this is the reason. You can disagree, but it is a fact, that they are not the same, Nintendo said so many times.

N4g_null1542d ago

It's not like you can play the ps3 and ps4 linked together and get new modes. THERE basicly is no reason to own both lbp3 games. Yet the 3ds and wiiu will have different play modes and game styles. Plus I don't know hear many hype about lbp3. Minecraft and the Disney stuff sort of killed that not to mention mario maker. Yet im sure the ps4 will continue to sell off an optimistic future. The vita needs some love though sony.

shaw981542d ago

@DualWielding Sonic boom and smash bros 3ds are there completely own games. Sonic boom is a prequel to the wii u game and smash bros 3ds is a completely different experience. They were built from the ground up as there own separate titles. Games like Lbp3 is the same game ported to both consoles.

zero_gamer1542d ago

Even if Super Smash Bros. should be excluded, you would still have three games exclusive for Wii U, only playable on Wii U. On the Xbox One side, one of them is a collection of previously released content.

ChickeyCantor1541d ago

"then Smash and Sonic Boon who both are gonna be on 3DS should not count either"

Difference is that the games are not identical to their console counterpart.

So it's not even the same case.

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Magicite1542d ago

Lets see how these exclusives influence hardware sales, if you are to judge sales by exclusives then PS4 would be in loosers seat, but for some reason I believe it wont.

remixx1161542d ago

Yeah wiiu is lookin good but I wonder why they left off guilty gear, planetside2, and lbp3 off the ps4 list. Probably because its on ps3 as well but the lbp 3 experience on ps4 will be much better on ps4 due to infinte levels and such but oh well.

3-4-51542d ago

The rest of my 2014 isn't too busy.

* Smash Brothers - 3DS
* Smash Brothers - Wii U
* Fantasy Life - 3DS
* Forza Horizon 2 - XB1
* Tales of Hearts - Vita
* Most likely, COD:AW & Halo: MCC

* Random PC games via Steam sale
* Other Nintendo eshop games I haven't bought yet like MMX,MMX2, shovel knight ect....

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Artista 1542d ago

on Wii U, Id like to play Bayonetta and Smash

On Xbox ONE, I'll take D4 and Halo.

on PS4. . .

I gotta tip my hat to Nintendo tho' . . Solid.

Notramagama1542d ago

Exactly why I've been saying wiiU has a chance at beating the PS4 this holiday

patrik231542d ago

where is LITTLE BIG PLANET 3 for PS4?

WeAreLegion1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Exclusives only. That's why Forza Horizon 2 isn't up there.

LBP3 is on PS3. FH2 is on 360.

Though that doesn't explain Super Smash Bros...

zeuanimals1542d ago

Biased author on a site devoted to Nintendo explains it.

Thrillho1542d ago

Both have their own unique stages, modes, content, and visuals when it comes to Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS.

wonderfulmonkeyman1542d ago

Smash for 3DS and Smash for Wii U only share a roster and most of the trophies, as well as the same online modes.[as far as we know]

Both games have differences in stages, amounts of music each stage can hold, the different modes available, and a bunch of other things that have already been discussed.
The two different versions are being mentioned because they're different enough to warrant being considered different exclusive games, despite being in the same series.

randomass1711542d ago

Nintendo does not consider the two Smash games to be ports of each other and they are not. They have different modes and levels and only share the same fighter roster.

zero_gamer1542d ago

Excluding SSB, you would still end up with 3 games for Wii U, 2 for Xbox One (excluding Halo Collection), 1 for PS4.

Notramagama1542d ago

to be fair.. FH2 on 360 is as much differnt from FH2 on X1 as 3DS smash is to WiiU smash

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jjonez181542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Was just about to point that out. Especially if they want to include Smash, which released first on 3ds and will likely be more popular on the 3ds as well. Forza Horizon should be on the list too.

FlameHawk1542d ago

The author is a Nintendo fanboy, he said LittleBigPlanet 3 is not a PS4 exclusive so he didn't include it. Yet he included Smash which is on the 3DS. He wants to make the other consoles look as if they have no games.

zeuanimals1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

The site's called Nintendo247... I'm surprised that people are somewhat surprised the author is biased.

Ol_G1542d ago

Yeah smash is on handheld same as Sonic but it's still a different game with different modes depending on wich version you have whereas lbp3 will be the ecactly same game with better graphics

FlameHawk1542d ago

@OI_G, Oh right cutting out content from the game and making it exactly the same with 1 different stage and 2 different characters, IE cutting out content is considered a new game? LOL what a joke.

jcnba281542d ago

Both versions of Smash have different levels 3ds has handheld stages while Wii U version only has console stages.. not to mention the art style and controls are totally different. You're welcome.

Thrillho1542d ago

It's also on the PS3 and they're the same game. Who knows if the game was originally on the PS3 and was ported to the PS4. Smash on Wii U & 3DS are different from each other.

wonderfulmonkeyman1542d ago

You have obviously done zero research if you think that there's any difference in the roster between Smash 3DS and Smash U.
Each one has its own set of exclusive stages and modes, and the Wii U version holds more music while the 3DS version allows you to shut your 3DS and still listen to the music from the game while it's in sleep mode via a music player app in-game, while you switch music tracks with the L and R buttons.

There's no cut content, and you've dun goofed.

Mr_Writer851542d ago

But this isn't the WiiU vs the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

So games on the 360 and PS3 shouldn't count.

Chrischi19881542d ago

What counts is, that the games are exclusivd to their plattform, so there is a reason to get that plattform. There are 80milions ps3s and xbox360s each out there, if a game of the PS4 comes to PS3, it is not really exclusive and one would not get a console for this, if he can play it on old gen as well. Graphics alone are a stupid argument for getting a console. Of course people will take that out of its context and think I am talking NES graphics^^

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Zjet1542d ago

Little big 3 is coming to PS3 as well....

Mr_Writer851542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

But this is WiiU vs the PS4 and X1.

So why are PS3 and 360 games included but not in the title?

Funny how they only count to suite his argument.

Can you play LBP 3 on X1 or WiiU?


So it's an exclusive.

Lovable1542d ago

So PS4 has no games this coming fall huh...

thehobbyist1542d ago

Nothing exclusive anyways.