UGO: SpyBorgs Preview

UGO writes: "Bionic Games announced their brand new IP, Spyborgs, to a crowded room of press at last week's Captivate '08 event. When I first saw the trailer for the Wii game, I thought, "Is this some licensed Saturday morning cartoon game? I've never heard of Spyborgs…" And despite the fact that, no the property isn't licensed, I was still half correct in my cartoon assumptions.

Spyborgs is meant to look and play like a Saturday morning cartoon, even including the commercial breaks. Yup, Spyborgs has commercials in the middle of each episode of play and, surprisingly, they look like a genius addition to the title. Two player co-op makes up the meat and bones of the experience, with each episode featuring two specific characters as they progress through the stage (should you be venturing solo, the AI will take the reigns of your partner). The bulk of combat plays out like X-Men Legends or any other team beat-em-up. Specific characters have specific talents, so throughout a given stage you'll have to team up with your partner and take full advantage of each of your abilities."

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