Sunset Overdrive Co-op is a Thrill Ride and a Half - [TGS Multiplayer Hands-On] - GR

"Cooperative demos are rare at TGS, and 8-player cooperative demos even more so, making Sunset Overdrive a rare treat. It promised flashy combat and a myriad of ways to get around, and the play time more than delivered." -GR

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knifefight1372d ago

Might have to buy an Xbox One. Between this, Ori, Master Chief...hmmm....

TongkatAli1371d ago

Yeah, Xbox One is making a huge comeback.

slasaru011371d ago

I just bought everything. Plus Metro

Dewitt1371d ago

Don't forget FH2, D4, and Below.

aviator1891372d ago

This game just screams fun. Just a little while longer now till I get my hands on that white x1. XD

Septic1371d ago

I get to try this out on Friday. Can't wait. Hopefully it'll be as fun as it looks. Lucky you're getting the white Xbox :P

Lol at the disagrees btw. Aaaahhh

JonnyBigBoss1372d ago

This is at the top of my hype list for the rest of the year. It looks fantastic!

vikingland11371d ago

I think I'll wait and see with this game. I don't mean reviews. I mean upload videos and twitch videos. Gaming show's are controlled too much. I will wait and see.

vikingland11371d ago

Disagrees for not over hyping a game. Oh well it dosen't change my mind. No explanation for the disagrees?

FullmetalRoyale1371d ago

Sadly, you have already answered your own question.

PCBOX1371d ago

Tested it at Gamescom.I said it yesterday,the game is %100 pure fun and has incredible visuals.Amust buy for XO owners imo.Day one for me.

tlougotg1371d ago

You would say tht you troll lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.