Will Wright Talks Games as Art writes: "The age old debate of games as art continues. Will Wright has weighed in, suggesting that games are evolving and it's a battle the industry does not need to fight.

The question of whether video games should actually be considered art continues to be debated in many circles. Last year, movie critic Roger Ebert took some heat from the video game industry, gamers, and even filmmaker Clive Barker for suggesting that games could never be art.

But what does Sims and Spore creator Will Wright think about it? Speaking at the recent Krazytalk Industry Giants event, the famous game designer noted that art in general was born out of a need to solve problems, Notes on Game Dev reports. "Art forms started [originally] to solve specific very narrow problems, but they slowly evolved into entertainment forms and then spiraled upwards as artistic expression," Wright explained. He gave examples such as writing, which he said sprouted from a need to keep track of agricultural inventory, but then slowly, through universal use, turned into the art forms of literature and poetry."

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