Final Fantasy XV - A Holiday 2015 Release?

"Final Fantasy XV may well be the game to revitalise the franchise – or at least that is what we hope. After a phenomenal new trailer that included some gamplay was featured at TGS this week there is a breath of fresh air lingering around the franchise and with approach ten years of development behind the project the question is now being asked… Could it hit in 2015?!"

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Abash1542d ago

Im thinking either May/June or a holiday release at the latest. It would be idiotic for them to release a demo if the game wasn't releasing a few months later

Massacred1542d ago

They should just go all out. May 2016 and call it the 10th anniversary.

Kid-Prodigy-KP1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

NOOOOO!!!!! They need to release it soon as possible. If it can make it out Holiday 2015 worldwide then they need to do it and not have us wait months for some type special anniversary BS that no one is going to remember 2-3 years later.

TheWackyMan1542d ago

considering that they're releasing a demo in March 2015 it'll probably be out by the holidays.

mikeslemonade1542d ago

Spring 2016 for NA most likely. Freaking garbage I will be almost 30 years old

3-4-51541d ago

Takes your time SE....make sure it's ACTUALLY Epic.

Majin-vegeta1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Yea 2015....for Japan.We'll probably get it early 2016.Unless they do WW launch.


Same here.More Japanese devs need to take note from GameFreak and release their games WW at the same time like they do with Pokemon

Snookies121542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

If it isn't worldwide, I'm importing the hell out of this game. I don't care if the English localization only takes a couple of months. Been waiting too long for this game, I don't mind buying it twice lol.

I do agree though, 2015 is a logical release year for it. It coincides too perfectly, and as mentioned above if they're releasing a demo the game is surely nearing completion.

jambola1542d ago

i'm pretty sure it was just x and y that did the worldwide release

Kid-Prodigy-KP1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

If it doesn't release in Holiday 20XV worldwide than I'm importing it. Don't feel like waiting till 2016 to get my hands on this masterpiece. So hopefully it launches Holiday 20XV. If it does then 20XV is going to be amazing with games like UC4, Halo 5, Zelda, Star Wars BF, Rainbow Six Siege, MGS V, The Division, & More.

DarkZane1542d ago

The demo is coming out on March 17th 2015 with FF type-0 HD. No way this isn't coming out a few months later if there is a demo.

Zizi1542d ago

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, The Order: 1886, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Bloodborne, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Batman: Arkham Knight, Evolve, Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD, then this!

2015 could be heaven for gamers.

Richard Cypher1542d ago

So that you know, zizi is a word for dic* in french :( (not a joke).

I totally agree with you, next year gonna be insane.
And we don't even know all the line up !

Zizi1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Hahaha... I didn't know that. :D

I'm not a European, anyway. :D

Honestly, I don't know if I would have enough time to platinum all the games. :'-(

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The story is too old to be commented.