Ferrari Project - McLaren F1 screenshots

What is a Ferrari game without a McLaren F1? Enjoy

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badz1493828d ago

if this is indeed untouched, it looks truly amazing! although the feeling is not like when the first time looking at GT5:P, still this game is matching GT in graphical department!

Fighter3828d ago

It looks like the back of a Ferrari F1, I don't see any Mclaren F1 cars in that gallery. I don't watch f1 auto racing but I would like to see the Gran Turismo people make an F1 game.

dnf273828d ago

I edit a Formula 1 Magazine and there are NO McLaren pics there at all. Nice attention grabbing headline though!?

GVON3828d ago

the first 4 pics are old and from last year.

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The story is too old to be commented.