Top five best Wii U exclusive videogames for the remainder of 2014

Game Idealist ranks the five retail Wii U exclusives that are coming out later in 2014.

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RosweeSon1543d ago

Hyrule warriors has already launched.

3-4-51543d ago

Definitely looking forward to Smash Brothers & Captain Toad.

randomass1711542d ago

I heard Capt. Toad was delayed in the UK. Is that true?

InTheZoneAC1543d ago

there's 5 more games worth buying for this system?

Vegamyster1543d ago

Depends on your taste, if see 5 games that you know you'll enjoy based on gameplay then yes.

superchiller1543d ago

When the Wii U hits $99 in the bargain bin next year, I may buy one; but there really aren't many compelling games for it, unless you're a diehard Nintendo fan. You can only play so much Mario, Zelda, DK, etc. before you get tired of the same old, same old.

marloc_x1543d ago

I'm picturing you being greeted by Mr. Roarke and Tatoo..

frezhblunts1543d ago

cheap ass it's like me saying I am tired of shooter games my ps4 should be cheaper? I am no diehard nintendo fan and recently had my first take on focusing on a nintendo console first I got to play mario and i am excited for more mario. I feel like I missed out on years, I got to try other nintendo games but never owned them

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

so you are telling everyone that you are really too poor to afford it?

madjedi1543d ago

Actually alot of people can afford it, but the system isn't particularly appealing atm for some of us, i have to go through 2 backlogs of last gen games. And new current gen releases.

I can easily wait 3 or 4 yrs before picking up a wii u, not all of us worship nintendo and it's games like some of you nintendo guys do.

To superchiller even if you weren't trolling, you would still be getting disagrees left and right.

So what is this account number 6 or 7 for you djking?

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GuruStarr781543d ago

I'll be getting Hyrule Warriors, Smash and possibly Bayonetta 2, but sonic and captain toad don't really interest me... Wasn't totally captivated by the toad minigames enough in 3D world to buy an entire game with the concept... Really wish Nintendo would have put more energy into making a new metroid game (hopefully they are "behind the scenes").