H1Z1 and PlanetSide 2 Provide PS4 Owners with Exciting Options

Hardcore Gamer: PlayStation 4 owners have some exciting online titles coming their way.

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ValKilmer1544d ago

Well something needs to entertain PS4 gamers when Destiny gets old in about a month.

NewMonday1544d ago

during the next 4 weeks..

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Natural Doctrine
Alien: Isolation
NBA 2K15
The Evil Within
Samurai Warriors 4
Lords of the Fallen

don't worry about us and thanks for caring

TheEternalGamer1544d ago

I can't wait for DriveClub in October. Especially can't wait for Middle Earth and Natural Doctrine this month either. As well as Lords Of The Fallen which is going to beast, we need a RPG after the sort of disappointment with Bound By Flame though it was still a decent RPG in my opinion. But also can't wait for The Evil Within, Samurai Warriors 4, Alien Isolation, and NBA 2K15 as well.

So many great games. So Little time to play them.

And don't forget either Little Big Planet 3, FarCry 4, etc all come out in November as well!!! #4ThePlayers #GreatnessAwaits #Hyped

Enemy1544d ago

Poor Val Kilmer. Failed career, failed posts.

thereapersson1544d ago

*points wand in the direction of ValKilmer*


MasterCornholio1544d ago

I'm interested in 5 of those.


And I haven't even beaten Diablo 3 and the Last of Us yet.

Great time to own a PS4.

P.S Whether you trolls like it or not multiplats are games as well so shut the heck up about the PS4 not having any games.

Rickgrimes951544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Eternal gamer too bad far cry 4 is gonna be delayed no way ubisoft releases it one week after AC:unity and rogue

GetSomeLoGiK1544d ago

And that's just in the upcoming 4 weeks. I can't wait till Q4 2014 and Q1 2015

Assassins Creed Unity
Dragon Age Inquistion
Far Cry 4
Little Big Planet 3
Dying Light
The Witcher 3
The Order

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CaptainObvious8781544d ago

You sound a little cranky.

Must be because there hasn't been a single notable exclusive release for the xbone since March.

ValKilmer1544d ago

I'm a PS4 and an Xbox One All In One Entertainment System From Microsoft owner.

spacedelete1544d ago

Destiny isn't exclusive to PS4. Xbox hasn't had any stand out game since Titanfall. your a troll. even the dead Vita gets more games than the Xbox One. enjoy your 11 pounds of paperweight.

DonkeyDoner1544d ago

i'm more worried about wii u in future after tgs i didn't see any new games(or maybe i miss something), all new games just for 3ds

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user74029311544d ago

planetside 2 is my most anticipated shooter to get alongside battlefield 4, i cannot believe this game is free, being a sci fi fan and all im totally lovin the open world enviorment and the massive amount of players, im glad this game is coming to ps4 because i would easily shell out 60 bucks for this game. i was actually concidering building a pc to play this one game, and space engine ofcourse.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1544d ago

im not excited about it its not my type of game.. i like team work and that game is just way to big but yeah ill download it... ill wait for H-Hour and Rainbow Six

brighthand1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

if you guys on the PS4 get as organized as the guys in the video, you will be in for one WILD ride. I play it on PC and I have never played another shooter like it before; it blows you away, but only after mopping the floor with you the first few hours -but it is a pain that you like! :D

spacedelete1544d ago

Planetside 2 is better than Destiny in every way and has massive online battles and its a free game.

PS3gamer4life1544d ago

H1z1 want to try it out....but h hour and the division. Cant wait

TheTruthHurts231544d ago

How long have we been hearing this same tune .. Please n4g dont hype it up if you dont even have a clue of the release date . Lol same news .

SoapShoes1544d ago

It's already out on PC, the hype is from how good the game already is... PS2 won several awards.

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