A brutal Roman holiday -- Hands-on with Ryse: Son of Rome for PC | GamingTrend

GamingTrend's Eric Van Allen gives first impressions and a short walkthrough of the sneak-peek levels of Ryse: Son of Rome for PC. The article includes a hands-on video summary, written article and specs for the upcoming port of the former Xbox One exclusive.

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Knightshade1547d ago

Can you imagine this beast on a 4K monitor with one of those shiny new 900 series GeForce cards? 0_0

starchild1547d ago

I know what you mean. I should be getting the GTX 970 very soon. Ryse at max settings on a high resolution monitor is going to be a beast.

XBLSkull1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Already a beast on Xbox one, best looking game on the next Gen platforms still almost a year after launch. id definitely pick it up on PC if I had never played it before. Wish PC games still made demos so I could take a peak at it on my gaming rig.

mikeslemonade1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Just played Ryse on the X1. I'd say best pure graphics but you gotta consider it's pretty much on rails. My best graphics goes to Infamous still. Once The Order is out there's no contest anymore until Witcher 3 for PC and then Uncharted 4 will kill everything.

ATi_Elite1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I already have a GTX560ti sli setup that is 4k ready but i plan on buying a GTX960 SLI setup and getting Ryse pc free to play on ultra on my 4k tv

Crysis 3 ultra at 4k is the best looking game ever so i expect Ryse to capture the graphics crown until at least StarCitizen arrives thus pushing the CryEngine 3 e en harder.

starchild1547d ago

You are absolutely right. The salty disagrees are funny. Crysis 3 on a good PC maxed out IS the best looking game I have seen. Ryse uses an even more evolved version of the Cryengine that supports newer graphics technologies like physically based rendering, so I have little doubt that Ryse will take the graphics crown for some amount of time.

I do think, however, there might be some games between Ryse and Star Citizen that might take the crown for a while.

HeWhoWalks1547d ago

I only disagree because I find Metro: Last Light maxed out to be the best.

As for Ryse, we'll see, but it's a looker for sure.

Liquid6961547d ago

There's no way a 560ti sli setup will run 4k at any reasonable frame rates. I had that setup before my current one and it wouldn't even run BF3 at a stable 60 at 1080p.

MRMagoo1231547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

you couldnt run BF3 at 60fps in 1080p with 2 x 560ti ???? I call shenanigans, I am not sure about the 4k at 60fps tho but 1080p would be eeeeeasy for 560ti sli

Liquid6961547d ago

It ran it not bad but due to low vram there were large dips in fps and I don't think it ever ran at a full stable 60 fps. Unless I turned down some options, but if I need to turn option down I need a new card lol.

Twignberries1547d ago

I'm still awaiting my r9 295x2 quadfire build. (Hopefully) it should kill this @ 4k maxed out.