DriveClub's car list is decidedly European-centric

VVV: "If there's one observation to be made here, it's that, in keeping with Evolution's British heritage, DriveClub's car collection is decidedly European-centric. Case in point: no American manufacturers are featured whatsoever, so you won't find anything from the likes of Ford, Dodge or Chevrolet, for example. Sadly, this means there are no muscle cars, which is disappointing to this Ford Mustang fanatic. Curiously, there aren't any Japanese manufacturers to be found, either. I would have happily traded the hatchbacks for some muscle and Japanese cars.

Criticisms aside, I particularly like the fact they included some obscure European eccentrics - it's not often you see the Russian Marussia B2, the Spanish GTA Spano and the Dutch Savage Rivale GTR-S in the same game."

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pedrof931549d ago

Top of the line European cars are faster than Americans muscles.

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aceitman1549d ago

I don't get why people are making a big fuss about it, its European cars they are unique and fast , why should every racer have the same cars , this will make driveclub stand out , its just like a f1 game or a nascar , or Lamborghini that's all they have but no one is complaining about those games not having different cars. at least u have a mix of different cars to pick from .

Torque_CS_Lewith1549d ago

How does having only European cars make this game stand out? These cars have appeared in other games that feature even more cars om top of that!
F1 and Nascar games are bound by the sports that they are emulating, what an absurd argument! The restrictions in car choice in those games are not only unavoidable but necessary for immersion.
The restrictions here are superficial and entirely by design.

PS, how much of a mix is it when they are all European and just 50 in number?

Sitdown1549d ago

Perhaps because when you think of a drive club, you think of being able to bring whatever car you desire to your club as you drive around or through a city. In NASCAR and F1 you already know what type of cars are available on closed tracks. Not to mention having such a major delay increases people's how for more. No need to try and justify what is an obvious shortcoming for most.... Especially when you are on the same platform brand as the legendary Gran Turismo.

Torque_CS_Lewith1549d ago

That is not the point though. I love cars. I consider myself an aficionado of sorts(all the enthusiasm and none of the knowledge).
It isn't a question of which region's cars is fastest but rather being able to appreciate and enjoy the differences in each region's car philosophy.
From the pure engineering focus of German masterpieces (BMW fanboy) to the almost uncontrolled raw power of the American muscle car.
From the sublime racing pedigree of Ferrari to the angry restraint of a Nissan GTR.
It is a simple matter of choice. Quality choice. Something that this game is abundantly lacking.

Side note: I look forward to you pm'ing me a "rebuttal" comprised of PS4 sales and TLOU accolades.

Aceman181549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I'm American and I can't stand American cars. I'll take the exotic European over ours any day of the week.

Maybe if they put in some old American classics I'd be happy with that because the current crop sucks monkey balls.

Naga1549d ago

The new Corvette would like a word with you. Even Jeremy Clarkson has said that car is brilliant.

Aceman181549d ago


I know I watched him say it doesn't mean I agree with him, and I love top gear lol

HanzoHattori1549d ago

The new Corvette is fast, but it can't hold a corner worth a damn.

danfry1545d ago

American muscle cars are great as long as there are no corners involved.

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SCW19821549d ago

Wish they had Japanese but I couldn't care less about American muscle.

n4gamingm1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

This is definitely not a smart decisions any true car fan know this to be true. You cutting millions of potential buyer's by not having a variety of car's from different parts of the world.

badboyz091549d ago

Not really too much competition. You already games like Crew and Project Cars on the same platform releasing in the same time frame. So this is a different spin on things.

HighResHero1549d ago

It's nice to see the Ruf, BMW M3, Ferrari, etc. for now.
At some point it would be nice to see the appearance of the Acura NSX, Nissan GTR/Skyline, Corvette ZR1, Porsche GT3 RS (highly unlikely due to licensing issues), etc.

Torque_CS_Lewith1549d ago

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to see Porsche in any game that isn't published by EA.

Donjune1549d ago

I really expected to see more of a selection of cars considering it was delayed almost a year. Stop coming up with excuses people! If it were an Xbox exclusive you Sony s.o.b's would be eating this stuff up lol..

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