Gamedaily: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Review

Gamedaily writes: ""KAMEHAMEHA!" Goku, Piccolo and the Dragon Ball Z gang return for another round of non-stop fighting action. Burst Limit marks the current-gen debut of the franchise, featuring the same overflowing fighting action seen in previous Atari games. It doesn't bring anything significantly new to the table, but it handles well enough to satisfy current fans – and draw in a few new ones as well.

Burst Limit's main draw comes from its Z Chronicles mode. Here, you'll follow a storyline that goes across three popular sagas from the animated TV series – Saiyan, Frieza and Cell. You'll alternate between various characters in this mode, starting with Goku and eventually cycling through a number of super-powered heroes and villains. Over the course of each fight, you'll find a large amount of unlockable content, such as playable characters, "drama scenes" (more on that in a second), character transformations (Goku's evolving into Super Saiyan, for instance) and other goodies. The mode takes only a few hours to finish – but it's fun to return to, if only to achieve a higher star rating for each individual episode."

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Mr Fancy Pants3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

a 7? so they think this game is almost as good as MGS4? lol

I think GameDaily didn't even played the game before score it because from all the screens i been seeing there's not even a single one from Burst Limit.