Destiny Offline equals Nothing to Play or See

When Destiny goes offline for what ever reason, there's nothing there for gamers at all which is poor design.

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admiralvic1544d ago

Oh come on, we've known this is an always online game and is no different than most other MMOs or any other of "always online" game out there. Now I am not saying I agree with Bungie's choice to go this direction, since most times the other people add absolutely nothing to my game, but it's still far from a unique design choice and was done because they wanted to make the world feel alive or some nonsense like that.

badz1491544d ago

seriously COME ON! put Titanfall there and it will be exactly the same case! for god sake he even started the article with

"Bungie’s online shooter Destiny..."

what part of "ONLINE SHOOTER" that he didn't understand??

Septic1544d ago

I don't get why people are disagreeing here. Its true. Its an online shooter. Are people only discovering this now?

PeaSFor1544d ago

wait.... an ONLINE game isnt an Offline game? what? how is this even possiburu?

smh, the author of this BLOG clearly need a good slap to wake him up of his delusion bubble.

donthate1544d ago

Well with Titanfall at least there is something there when IT IS ONLINE, as opposed to Destiny as being NOTHING when it is online.

badz1491544d ago

^^^and now you're just being salty!

XBLSkull1544d ago

The game box clearly states "Requires Internet"

MSBAUSTX1544d ago

He ubderstood it as did I. I just understood it before it launched and chose not to buy it because always online doesnt work for me. Too many times have I finally had time to dedicate to an online game only to find the servers are down due to maintenance or other issues.

I decided I was loosing my money in these cases. If I purchase a game I expect to be able to play it when it is convenient for me and that is not asking too much. This development in the servers being hacked is another reason why always online is a bad idea.

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spacedelete1544d ago

it doesn't even make sense story wise. your suppose to be the last protector of earth besides all of those other people online who are also trying to protect earth. they just tacked DRM without any good reason.

mad at me1543d ago

So an online only game doesn't play offline..what a shocker..The real surprise is a certain fan base that crushed M$ for trying online always policies but praise a wack game with the same principals because of the hype...where are the gamers at because destiny really missed the ball

frostypants1543d ago

Yeah, I'm no fan of Destiny, but geez...its an ONLINE GAME. It's not bad design not to have an off line mode. That's like saying World of Warcraft is badly designed for not having anything to do offline. The game was built from the ground up as an online experience.

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moegooner881544d ago

Makes me glad that the always online approach that was looming over this gen at the beginning wasn't adapted in the end.

Artista 1544d ago

That would messed up. . We should always have options.

donthate1544d ago

I see your options, and I see Destiny!

Looks like you did (not) dodge that bullet. Not for long anyway.

-Foxtrot1544d ago

It should of had an offline mode from the start, no game should be always online.

I mean is it that hard to have a player wandering around the maps alone.

lemoncake1544d ago

If you were to allow offline then you would get lots of hacked items, and since there is a competitive element to the game that's a big problem.

rextraordinaire1544d ago

... Really? A whole lot of games offer both offline and online, even with pvp. Even games by small studios do it. There is no reason why a game of that budget not being able to find a way to detect and ban hacked files online.

Dirtnapstor1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

The game is on your HDD, not "in the cloud" right? They should at least let you revisit the locations you've already been to, missions completed, allow for missed looting and Ghosts? AI is AI, spawning will be the same.

lemoncake1543d ago

This game is heavily loot based unlike other console offline/online pvp games. Once you go offline there is no longer a good way of tracking items, if they developed such a solution it would be worth a lot more that the price of this game as it would have world changing implications. Ultimatly you would end up after about 10 mins with a game where everyone has duped the best loot, if not altered the stats, destroying the legit players game.

You dont have to go very far to see an example of this with diablo 3 console versions, the only good thing there is that you dont have pvp so people just ruin their own game.

@Dirtnapstor the game is online, your character is saved on their servers not on your HDD.

frostypants1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Why should it? If a game is sold as a purely online experience, and you don't like that, then don't buy it. I can't process your logic, which seems to be "I like offline modes, therefore all games should have it."

maniacmayhem1543d ago

Exactly! Why should a game HAVE to have an offline mode? If the makes of a game intended their vision for their game to be always online then it should be.

If a consumer doesn't like it then they have the choice not to buy it.

I hate these complaints from gamers of what a game "SHOULD" have and what it shouldn't especially when a dev has specifically gave a reason.

I can understand a consumer expressing and wanting more out of a product but to say a game SHOULD have an offline mode is just wrong.

Debaitable1543d ago

They should make all MMOs have an offline mode. Ya know like Plabetside2 or DC online.

If you like offline games buy those games. It goes down one time and people feel like the whole game is rendered useless forver. It happen. That's why I have other games to play when it does go down.


You want an always offline experience? Go back to a ps2. I for one enjoy the evolution of gaming and I know it's not going to be perfect but the new avenues it brings is worth it.

zero_gamer1543d ago

PS2 had some online-only games, no?

You want an always offline experience? Go buy an always offline game. They are still abundant.

Septic1543d ago

What about Planetside 2?

maniacmayhem1543d ago

And what fun would that be wandering around alone. The devs attended this game to be played with friends and others.

If a game is built from the ground up for that reason then no, it shouldn't have an offline mode.

If anything just find a game that has what you are looking for and stick with that. But it's wrong to say that EVERY game should have an offline mode.

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CerealKiller1544d ago

From what I seen the game is mostly single player(+ 3 player co-op) except for the hub worlds which are mmo-ish so idk why they couldn't implement an offline option.

badz1491544d ago

to have more control over the game and easier to track pirates if any!

spacedelete1544d ago

its because they can't sell DLC to offline gamers.

Debaitable1543d ago

Because its to track the loot. Borderlands 2 had this problem. It had the same online setup but with an offline mode. The thing that happened with BL2 is some people hacked the game to get legendary loot & when they joined your game randomly it was just one shot kill everything. At that point your not even playing a game, your just reading dialog up with different sceneries.

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vikingland11544d ago

Everyone already knows this.

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