GamesAsylum: Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes – Review

GamesAsylum: "As much as we admired Disney for taking on the juggernaut that is Activision’s money making Skylanders franchise, the original Disney Infinity left a lot to be desired. A surprisingly high amount of additional figures could only be used in the Minecraft-inspired Toy Box mode, and despite the ‘Infinity’ in the game’s title characters couldn’t cross worlds. Not only did this mean Jack Sparrow roaming the halls of Monsters University was out of the question, but it also meant that players (parents?) had to cough up for at least one extra figurine to play adventure mode with two players"

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ShowGun9011542d ago

cool, so its just as good as destiny then? better go get it now! /s

ive always thought these games were the biggest rip-off ever concieved, have you looked at the prices of these figures? $15 glorified DLC for ONE CHARACTER... parents will buy just about anything to shut kids up, wont they?

NonShinyGoose1542d ago

$15 is nothing - the Playsets cost more than double, and all to unlock content that's already on the disc.