After 5 years, MGSV: The Phantom Pain is nearing completion

Some more info on the game and the Fox Engine, straight from Tokyo Game Show 2014.

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user65409481550d ago

Hey Nyxus do you know if Kojima made any mentions about MGO3? Will it ship with MGS V?

user65409481549d ago

Thanks. Hope knowledge of it leaks soon or something.

madworld1549d ago

it just amazing game that is.......

spacedelete1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

game looks good on PS4. just imagine if it was exclusive. i really don't see why Kojima letting Xbox consoles have MGSV. Xbox fanboys get hyped when a MGS game gets announced for Xbox but don't even buy them.

Stoppokingme1549d ago

What about the sony fanboys who are excited about the Witcher 3? the last time I checked the previous two games never made it to Playstation.

Jaqen_Hghar1549d ago

and the first one never made it to Xbox. It has no firm platform other than PC and has never had a chance to sell on Playstation so we are excited and it will probably sell more on PS4 than X1

NegativeCreep4271549d ago

Answering a question with a question: the ultimate douchebaggery fanboy move.

DanteVFenris6661549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Most games rely on budget not hardware. So yes maybe they could increase visuals but at cost of less models,sounds,content. Bigger budget = more employees = more content. I only have a ps4 and I can clearly see why someone would want to be multi. Too many benefits not really any negatives

bigpiece1549d ago

proof. i have an xbox one and im going to buy MGSV. Lmao cut the fanboy crap really....

GundalfDeGrej1549d ago

You're not more entitled to a game because you own a specific console IMO. Playstation players, Xbox players, PC players, they're all gamers and I for one is happy that as many as possible will get to play this awesome game.

spacedelete1549d ago

check sales for yourself. Xbox owners just care about fps shooters. the Xbox sales for Ground Zeroes was laughable.

GundalfDeGrej1548d ago

I'd say let the developers worry about sale numbers. They won't affect me or you. You can argue that the graphics could have been better but by saying that you're opening the gates for the PC players to start complaining. If there's anyone who's being held back in that regard, it's them.

Eh, you're untitled to your opinion of course. I'm just saying that personally if I had a friend with only an X1 I wouldn't say to him that he doesn't deserve to play MGS5 as much as I.

_-EDMIX-_1548d ago

"but don't even buy them" Very stupid comment.

You don't know who did or didn't buy the game on MS systems, also this would be the first new MGS to actually release on a MS system.

Rising and the HD ports won't really get much fans on board as hell, as a PS owner and a HUGE MGS fan, I didn't even get Rising and got HD collection USED! would show I actually purchased 1 MGS game on PS3 new.


MS fans don't know of the series, not that they hate it, merely they don't know of it enough to make a purchase of such a IP. The damn series GOES DEEEEEEP! You really have to know the universe to really get MGS.

MGS2 was the last MGS to release on a XB system during the same gen as a new release.

ie MGS3 skipped it, MGS4 skipped 360. The HD ports released afterwards. Thus, fans are sorta in the dark on the IP.

Those "fanboys" that are getting "hype" may have bought those games, you don't know everyone on earth, thus that comment is irrelevant and a generalization.

This game looks good, but its NOT next gen, thus was never going to be a PS4 exclusive as its not even a gen exclusive.

We could only wonder what it would look like only on PS4 as we will wonder what it will look like if it was next gen only.

Fox engine looks great, this game looks good, but we will get a true taste of the first next gen version of this game when MGSVI hits as this game is cross gen at best.

(mind you, this is coming from a HUGE MGS fan too)

XB owners will get MGS4 likely in a collection as MGS4 is not on 360 due to space limitations with Bluray (same reason why KH collection isn't on 360, yet KH III is coming to XONE).

XONE will get MGS4 so fans can see why everyone else is so hyped for MGSV!

Those sales are not a reflection of XB fanboys, merely a series that is not known to a core crowd of gamers due to not releasing many titles on those platforms.

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Gatsu1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Best game ever created...
Long time of waiting soon over, so happy :).

Jaqen_Hghar1549d ago

WTF? You can't hype a game up that much before you've ever played it lol

Gatsu1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Sorry dude, but I just know it after playing GZ and watching all MGSV related stuff million times during the past 2 years.

Ghoul1549d ago Show
user65409481549d ago


Aren't you supposed to say: "A man can't hype a game up that much before [A man] ever played it lol"

Conzul1549d ago

No because a man refers to himself, not others.

quenomamen1549d ago

worked for Destiny, and every damn COD.

_-EDMIX-_1548d ago

Sorry bud, but one only needs to know of the MGS fame to know this is already GOTY in many minds.

Play MGS3, play MGS4, play Peace Walker.

You'll slowly understand why such a statement is very, very telling.

MGS3 is one of my top 5 favorite games of all time merely due to the openness. The idea that you have to survive, healing yourself, eating frogs, snakes, birds etc Getting sick, throwing up etc. The sure creativeness of the game is something to truly behold. You, for one of the rarest times in all of gaming...truly feel like the character you are playing.

You've healed him, you've taken bullets out of him, feed him, it really makes Big Boss THAT much of a badass when your doing all of this.

With MGSV.....add in the largest MGS ever created, day and night cycle, survival elements and you've by default just made the best MGS.

Mind you....this is based on MGS3 for me being one of the best games ever created.

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iNFAMOUZ11549d ago

its probably gonna flop too.
time change, kids and people in general like new things, happened with my beloved halo....

gamerfan09091549d ago

None of the Halos have flopped.

Concertoine1548d ago


Eh... which one flopped...? Even Wars probably made its money back.

Mr Tretton1549d ago

The Mario franchise says hello.

DrJones1549d ago

Wow look at all those disagrees O_o

SuperBlunt1548d ago

Metal gear >>>>>>>&g t;> halo. Once this game drops you will all see that metal gear is untouchable. The tutorial level for this game crushed most other games this year.

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