7 Reasons Why Bloodborne Will Be Amazing

PS4Home: "We’ve put together a list of 7 reasons why Bloodborne will likely be amazing"

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Enemy1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Because Demon's Souls and Dark Souls were perfect, and it's the same team making Bloodborne. There's also the fact that it's a new Victorian setting which looks even more interesting, and Miyazaki wants to recreate the vibes of The Tower of Latria in Bloodborne.

DarkOcelet1543d ago

On topic : it will get 9s and 10s everywhere just like the souls series and it will be incredible .
Off topic : it your second gif i see where you put Pomf will be back , am i missing something here ?

NewAgeisHere1542d ago

Yea Demons Souls and Dark Souls were amazing, Dark Souls 2 was ok, but not great. Bloodborne will be a day 1 buy for me no doubt.

miyamoto1542d ago

bloodborne looks so beautiful

DarkOcelet1543d ago

Miyazaki , Nomura , Kojima , Mikami should make a game together . They would make an excellent game together .

nucky641543d ago

miyazaki/mikami........that conjures up some scary thoughts!

Fizzler1542d ago

Well Mikami is retiring from gaming after the release of The Evil Within so... yeah.

Jaqen_Hghar1542d ago

Oh man just when survival horror is starting to get a cool rejuvenation (Bloodborne, Evil Within, Dying Light, and Until Dawn)

scark921542d ago

Imagine :O That would be out of this world!

VP371542d ago

Game looks good from what I've seen so far, but we as gamers, need to stop buying into all the hype. I think we've had a few good examples of over-hyped games during the past year, and I think it's time for Devs & publishers to prove their games are worth the money.

The current state of gaming is; Announce new game, hype the crap out if it, push pre-orders with special DLC / exclusive content, make millions on launch day.

What do we get when we get our hands on the final product? The same old, been there / done that types of games with a new coat of paint.

I hope Bloodborne is really good...I really do, and I don't even own a PS4. I just hope we begin to see games that are creative and stop relying on the past.

However, like I said, we need to stop buying into the hype and we need to stop buying into the pre-order BS. Pre-ordering used to serve a purpose; it ensured that you would have a copy of a popular game on launch day. Now pre-ordering and hype is used as a marketing tool that ensures big sales for the publisher, and then we're stuck with the game whether it's good or not.

Mulletino1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

There's always been "hype". I remember buying Nintendo games based off of the cover. Some had cool covers and sucked. Some books have cool covers and suck. Some movies have cool previews and suck. I found N4G because I was looking for Skyrim "hype". Just because you got excited for a game and we're disappointed doesn't mean that games should just be released without any coverage whatsoever and that some people weren't completely satisfied with the product they got. I'm not sure I understand how not to "buy into hype". When they start showing stuff for Red Dead 2 I'm going to get excited. If it disappoints me then I'll blame rockstar, not gameinformer or E3.

LAWSON721542d ago

I have high hopes, but sadly will not be getting it at launch due to having no PS4. These days I am okay with waiting to play SP games (yes this has MP but this will be primarily a SP experience for me). Hopefully I manage to buy a PS4 by summer 2015, though I maybe tempted sooner.

Reek1542d ago

You don't have a... Quickly someone get this guy a PS4!!