Bloodborne on PS4: 37 Minutes of Gameplay Show that Gamers are Better than Journalists as Boss Falls

It's no doubt that many professional game journalists aren't exactly the best gamers out there, and even if the "gamer" and "journalist" categories often overlap, at industry events and trade shows you see some ridiculously bad performances on the demo stations.

There's nothing better than an extremely challenging demo like the one for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne to showcase that difference, and as gamers uninvolved with the press and industry finally got their hand on the demo today, the boss started to fall.

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Enemy1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Lmao everyone died except for the last two guys?

This is gonna be too fun.

Abriael1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

In the hour or so I was there 6 people won.

Count that there were 9 demo stations and everyone got 10 minutes, so you can pretty much make out the percentage.

During the business days where only press and professionals could access no one (at least when I was there) won.

The boss has some quite unpredictable patterns of movement due to all the fur and how deformed he is, so it's difficult to avoid his blows, especially if one gets greedy and tries to attack longer than he should instead of staying mobile.

Kingdomcome2471517d ago

Were you able to play, and beat it Abriael?

XBLSkull1517d ago Show
Tito081517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

@XBLSkull- The game is published by Sony and Japan Studios is heavily involved in it, so even if From Software is developing it, very unlikely you'll see it on PC or any other non-PS platform, they already made a mistake with Demon Souls, doubt the same will be repeated with this one, fanboy.

And let me guess, you would want it on PC to play with the XBox controller, you're too obvious, from your username.

MrPink20131517d ago


That's funny you calling someone a fanboy as you relish the idea of this game ever coming to any other platform. The game looks awesome, why do you care if it comes out later on the PC?

HeWhoWalks1517d ago

@ MrPink201: It's OWNED by Sony. I won't be coming to PC. So it's not up for discussion - as he noted. You don't have to be a "fanboy" to know that.

OT: Anyway, I won't watch the footage, I'm on a video black out, but the screenshots I just saw have truly blown me away!

MrPink20131517d ago


Planetside 2 and DC Universe were on both console and PC. Sony also makes games on the PC.

The fact is only a fanboy would argue against this game coming out on the PC as well. Why would anyone other than a fanboy care?

Anyways this game looks like a must have. I still own my copy of Demon Souls and that game still holds up to today's games.

HeWhoWalks1517d ago

@ MrPink: It would make sense if this game had even the potential to come to PC to debate about it. Since it isn't, you're arguing moot points.

MrPink20131517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

This game coming to the PC is not a moot point at all. It isn't coming to the PC, at least nothing suggests it ever will, but it was asked just like many other games have been. Still no need to call someone a fanboy for asking and then acting like a bigger fanboy in the process.

Anyways we can all agree this game looks excellent.

Tito081517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )


Well, at least it isn't funnier than your beauty pageant username, Pinky.

Btw, have you bother looking at his one bubble and comment history, the disagrees, and very obvious username? He didn't mention XBox because he knew the game wouldn't come to it, that's why he mentioned PC and his so "Avoid DS4 if at all cost". Even a caveman could tell a fanboy, if you can't, then you have problems, PARTNER.

badz1491516d ago


"Planetside 2 and DC Universe were on both console and PC. Sony also makes games on the PC."

If that is your argument, can I expect Uncharted on PC anytime soon? LBP or R&C too maybe while we're at it? /s

PS2 and DCUO are both under SOE not SCEA/E/J which handle Playstation stuff and Bloodbourne is not under SOE. So it's a pretty slim chance it will make it to the PC if any at all.


"but I don't know if I could play it if I had to play as big nosed bird-man through the whole thing..."

That's the single most ridiculous point ever to troll this game. Nice try.

What was that? You were not trolling? Sure...because I really hate that Gears force peoplevto play through the whole game as an angry, steroid-induced space dude and his bros! Why don't they let me choose to play as Mickey Mouse, right? /s

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nX1517d ago

Thanks for sharing and the good quality, I knew that it couldn't be that hard :)
So excited to play this day1 without any guides or help.

DarkOcelet1517d ago

For the normal player it will be very hard but for us hardcore Souls fans , we will kick its butt :) but either way the game looks badass and the art style looks incredible .

Majin-vegeta1517d ago

That's it.Blackout on this game from now till release

RebelWAC1517d ago

I decided once I saw the first gameplay footage of this gem. I just like to check out the comments surrounding it

Geekman1517d ago

They say it's more accessable than Demons Souls. I hope so. Barely finished the first one, didn't beat the second one.

Jaqen_Hghar1517d ago

platinumed it and hoping for a that as well. A checkpoint before bosses would be a great improvement that doesn't degrade the challenge at all. It just lets you keep going at the boss instead of slogging through the level you've already beaten.

DragonKnight1516d ago

Frickin' wimps the both of you. Accessible isn't good. If you want accessible play the Wii or mobile games.

ThanatosDMC1517d ago

Agreed. Havent been watching gameplay vids or anything after the first trailer. Just buying it day 1.

OpieWinston1517d ago

I'm content with the pace of Bloodborne.

Just need some details on the multiplayer.

Still praying the game has invite co-op. Not to make the game easy, but just to have someone to play with.

FanboyKilla1516d ago

Has my attention now. Did they say there would be multiplayer? That would def give it some more points with me. Hard to pay 60 bucks for one play through. Co op would help, but it would need alot of post launch content. I mean its still one play through with or without a friend. Hell if it is as hard as dark souls, it might last me forever. Lol that shit is redunkulous.

EvilWay1517d ago

Looks great.
is their shields?

Enemy1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )


Miyazaki said having shields in this game would result in everyone thinking it'd be a good idea to hide behind it. Unlike previous Souls games, Bloodborne requires the player to be aggressive at all times. A shield goes against that.

There's also the fact that enemies will heal if they land perfect shots on you. This is why the player needs to instantly concentrate on recognizing enemy patterns. You need to be more aggressive than your enemy, which will make for the most intense Miyazaki game yet.

A shield would make no sense, especially given the new setting as well.

NewMonday1517d ago

Also dodging, master not getting hit

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Abriael1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

There wasn't any in the demo. Only a couple of the enemies had some rough wooden shields.

From what I heard, there won't be any, as defense this time around is in keeping the pace up. When you get hit, your life doesn't go down immediately, it takes a couple seconds. if in that time you manage to put some hits into the enemy, you regain some or all you've lost (or better, your life won't actually drop, or will drop less), otherwise you'll need potions.

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