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How does the original Bayonetta fare on the Wii U?

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marloc_x1545d ago

If at least 10% of the review scores are poor, screw this game..

wonderfulmonkeyman1545d ago

I sure hope so...but I've seen even more ridiculous statements than that before from people that hate Nintendo, so.....

mikeslemonade1545d ago

Cool I will play the inferior version this year and then in 2 years I will replay the remaster version on current gen hardware.

Bayonetta is the best hack and slash series of all time.

voodoochild3461545d ago


Good luck to you on your quest. I have a feeling you won't find what you seek on the other 2 current gen systems. And yes the WiiU is current gen despite what you may think about the other 2 systems. All current gen systems were outdated before they even came out.

WPX1545d ago


Good luck with that. Sit down, it's gonna be a loooooooooo~ong wait. While you are at it, Why not ask them for a Super Mario 3D World 1080p/60fps Definitive Edition too?

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persona4chie1545d ago

Unfortunately for him, that won't happen

Imalwaysright1545d ago

Platinum does it again. Day one!

WeAreLegion1545d ago

This is a review of the first game. I'm sure Bayonetta 2 will get high scores, as well. Just clarifying.

higgins781545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I'll be having this...thank you Nintendo and Platinum Games. The only real shame is those who fear something new, those who tend to stick to the yearly (now 6 monthly) updates of their beloved franchises - ongoing.

Edit: ahh, this is actually the original and not the Nintendo/Wii U exclusive sequel. So then we - those of us who played it - know already its one of the best examples in its genre, I only hope Bayo2 does it proud.

Dudebro901545d ago

I'm confused how this is being reviewed when the game doesn't ship for a month.

Did I miss something? And why is it just bayonetta 1?

Dubaman1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

My best guess is that it lets people know that not only is Bayonetta 2 coming but also a remaster/port of Bayonetta 1. They want that idea to sink in and giving Bayo 1 it's own time in the sun, letting the reviews roll in, getting people talking about it will only build hype and remind people that there is a sequel coming in a month's time. Then that will get it's own time to shine and for those people on the fence about getting it or not have 2 high, more than likely, rated games for the price of one.
I say that's my best guess because it's working on me and i'm more excited for Bayonetta than any other game at the moment. Day 1, First Print Edition = Pre-ordered.

Dudebro901545d ago

I'm more asking how they got their hands on the bayonetta 1 port for Wii u when the game isn't out for a month.

Dubaman1545d ago


Ah right, sorry about that. Again, my best guess, a port is easier to make than a new game so im assuming Bayo 1 has been finished for a while so why not give it to reviewers. The reason why they have it a month early is like i said above, give it it's own time to shine and build hype for Bayo 2.

pcz1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

i think there is a review ban on beyonetta 2 for now. but journalists probably already have review copies for both 1 and 2. so since they cant publish their review of the second game yet, they are publishing their reviews of the 1st.

as was stated by other members, this will allow the first game a time to shine, so the publisher can sell more copies of the double pack special edition when the game finally goes on sell.

edit* maybe you should have at least read the review, because it explains the situation in the first paragraph- ''We’re in a curious position here, because although we’re allowed to review the Wii U version of Bayonetta, more than a month before it’s released, we’re not allowed to say anything about its sequel yet. ''

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