The Easiest Way to Get Legendary Gear in Destiny

"Destiny was released almost two weeks ago, and most people managed to get to level 20 with no problems. However, the real struggle is beyond that point, since you can only level up by getting new and better gear."

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admiralvic1550d ago

Interesting article, since I disagree with most of it. XD

For one thing, I have never once gotten an item from a bounty outside of completing an exotic bounty or something related to story (those never give legendaries though). I also couldn't disagree more about PVE bounties being more of a time sink than the PVP ones. Sure, there are some easy PVP ones, but there are also some tedious PVP ones. Like, look at my bounties today.

PVE) 20 3x kill streaks with super (stupidly easy with my blade dancer), defeat 30 enemies with melee, do the sword mission with heroic (can be done at level 11), complete a strike without dying (soloed Devil's Lair), complete 6 missions on Mars and the 200 or so moon drops. This stuff was so easy, I did the moon, sword, melee and 25% of the super bounties in like 11 minutes...

Now lets look at my PVP bounties...

PVP) Participate in 10 salvage captures (super easy, shame the playlist is gone), defeat 10 guardians from behind, defeat 15 via rocket (requires you to get the heavy weapon ammo, which is easy, but also takes time), defeat 15 via super (another that is easy, but also requires luck and timing to get done), 10 fusion rifle sprees (kill 3 enemies without changing weapons or reloading), earn 5 enforcer medals (requires someone to not only get a 5 kill streak, but for you to kill them making it very luck based)...

Many of these will take you MUCH longer to do in PVP. Heck, just one of those "play 5 matches of ____" takes me longer to do than all of the PVE ones.

Finally, the easiest way to get legendary gear is via Vanguard marks. You get like 4 per community event, 5 from the daily and if you just do one of those every day for a week you get 63 and thats enough to buy armor (doing bounties for rep will get you to level 2 in no time). Or I guess you could argue it's even faster and easier to just do the weekly nightfall or raid to get them. The raid has at least 7 places where you can get loot and each loot drop will be either a legendary, ascendent energy or exotic and nightfalls typically give something big like an exotic at the end.

KwietStorm1549d ago

Blade dancer is so overpowered, it's almost disrespectful that they actually have it in there, but yea, the bounties are kinda lopsided the other way.

kaelix1549d ago

Titans hulk smash counters it

Codeman4201549d ago

So does a handy Rocket Launcher

Reaper29r1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I agree with KwietStorm. First of all, the hunters can do their special jump out of the titan smash field. Warlocks can teleport out of it. The blade dancer is damn near invincible when he does his special. Takes 2 rockets to the face to kill one at full health. Titan, I've gotten shot gunned and assault rifled mid pounce for the special (non flying superman version). I created a hunter to make sure I wasn't imagining things and PVP got so much easier. It's such an OP'd class. Everything they use is tailored to kill you with minimum effort (specially grenades) though I will give props to golden gun users. I've gotten 1 hit punched by hunters while I'm at full health also (it's also happened to me with warlocks, I'm an armored tank wtf). I knew it was going to be like this since Bungie always focused on the hunter in promos and posters/pictures, the hunter was always center stage taking some dramatic pose. Still doesn't keep me from getting a solid K/D, but it is pretty annoying because the titan feels more like an after thought class wise and defender is usually only useful in control. And even then it's useless. Oh that's a nice bubble shield you got there. I'm just gonna blade dance on in and slice you up. Oh 3 shotgun rounds to the face from fully upgraded Black mamba ESC? Nice try *stab stab*

Conzul1549d ago

In pvp
Hunter > Titan > Warlock

My Warlock feels like a glass cannon, but without the cannon.

NewMonday1549d ago

I had pick Warlock, I wish they would give a re-spec option

SECondsaway1549d ago

Naw as a hunter we can't "teleport" out of a titan smash or a nova bomb once we see it you can't escape it from an Hunters perspective that is

theDivision1549d ago

I disagree almost completely. Blink is not nearly as versatile as the titan and warlock booster and is limited with only a two string teleport. The grenades are decent but then again they are not really unique. The class support abilities are also decent but nothing amazing, and the special in PVP is pretty good but against the warlock and titan one I am easily countered by warlocks where we both die when using special against each other and trumped by titans who use their hulk smash. If warlocks and titans time it right or react properly it certainly isn't overpowered. In PVE the blade dance doesn't help very much in strikes and raids having trouble taking out the side enemies at the end boss so I don't think it is super over powered as you say.

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GuruStarr781549d ago

I followed this method shortly after the games release and got almost all legendary gear (minus a helmet which costs more than everything else for some odd reason)...

On friday, I bought an exotic engram from Xur and landed an exotic chest armor...

Working on getting an exotic or a legendary auto rifle now... just wondering if "impact" makes any difference in multiplayer... if it doesn't, then I'll go with the auto rile with the biggest magazine.. Haven't been able to ind a definitive answer anywhere online.... if someone knows, please hit me up..

Bobby Kotex1549d ago

Why is this POS article on the front page of N4G? Seriously, there is so much trash on this site.

admiralvic1549d ago

The issue is how both articles work here, things are titled and the repeated regurgitation of information. The sad thing is that people don't realize that Destiny is a time sink and people ultimately have the choice of which type of sink it is.

You can either slowly play the game and do bounties / get marks, do your daily stuff and eventually (couple of weeks) have a fully decked out character or you can kill the same couple of enemies for a couple of hours and hope you beat the odds by getting something good via it. There really aren't any short cuts besides making multiple characters so you can do multiples of everything (though it becomes SOOOOO boring first leveling the character, slowly getting the gear so they can be useful for this and then getting at least 3 groups of people together to do the same raid just so you can MAYBE get some good gear.). Then again, maybe I'm just cynical from repeated bad luck.

This weeks nightfall - Strange coins x5
This weeks nightfall on alt - Strange coins x5
Raid - Just shards, though we didn't finish.
Restarted raid - Got a legendary void sniper that is worse than my other legendary void sniper and a shader.
Raid on alt - Got a legendary rocket, which is worse than my exotic rocket and terrible for fighting oracles.
2x exotic engrams from vender - Hunter body, Warlock body (wanted the Alpha Lupi armor for Titan. Hurt that I got the Hunter version of Alpha Lupi. ~_~)
Legendary heavy - Turned into an exotic, which I already had and was another flame rocket like the one I got from the raid.


mx1041550d ago

Theres a better way. Ive noticed a small group of players shooting into a little spawn cave of hive. I watched on to see what was happening but they where just farming. I done it for a while and got loads of gear and the odd legendary engram. Pretty boring but easy

TheParanoidx1550d ago

Im surprised i haven't seen anything about that exploit on n4g.

Unless i have missed some articles?

kneon1550d ago

It's been covered many times. But there is still no guarantee you'll get legendary items. I'm just approaching 12000 kills and I've only got 2 legendary helmets. The other 5 or 6 legendary items I got either turned out to be only rare items or they were strange coins or motes of light.

burneddude1549d ago

It's not an exploit. In games with MMORPG mechanics, farming is pretty common.

Conzul1549d ago

Where can you see your PvE kill count?
plz don't say

NJShadow1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

This is the best method I've seen. I snagged 2 legendary (purple) engrams and 8 decoherent (blue) engrams this way, plus LOADS of weapons and armor that I broke down into supplies.

kneon1549d ago


I don't think you can see that info in game, I use the companion app.

GameSpawn1549d ago


You can either use the companion app (like kneon),, or

Personally I think Destiny Tracker is neat in that you can preview armor shaders on your character before buying them in the game.

Armor Shader Preview:

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Specter2291550d ago

I saw some people attempting this in the Cosmodrome near where you first run into the hive heading towards the Rasputin satellite mission.

rebeljoe141549d ago

old russia right outside the rasputin satellite after the area where you first encountered the moon wizard

n4rc1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Far faster and easier to do it on the moon IMO..

The one mission, can't think of the name tho.. Where you find the dead guardian at the doors...(edit.. World's end.. Set to lvl 9)

Kill anything but the knight when the doors open and let them kill you, respawn and do it again.. Hell if you never beat it and just head to orbit you can keep going back and skip the beginning of the level..

Gotten about 4 legendary and tons of blues and greens in maybe 3000 kills..

I do 1000 per run.. takes 10-15min..

Plus getting new cryptarch ranks gives legenardary engram's at a certain point

n4rc1549d ago

Blah.. Its dark beyond.. That's the mission

ceballos77mx1549d ago

I got a legendary auto rifle grinding there, around the 500th kill I got the purple engram, got bored after killing 1500.

But thats the only place ive gotten a purple drop, my other legendary is a rocket launcher but that was a gift.

vikingland11549d ago

Does it matter if you change the difficulty or do you do it in normal?

kparks1549d ago

Lol what a dumb article lol... Atricle summary play the game !

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JetsFool35001550d ago

They seriously need to get a life

edwick1550d ago

the only good items i've ever received were gifts left at the post office from going up cryptarch levels. i've gotten a few legendary engrams, but never received any legendary items from them. i received a legendary machine gun and legendary gauntlets from gifts, and i bought a legendary helmet and chest armor with vanguard marks.
i've never received any items from doing bounties, and i try to do them all.

Jaqen_Hghar1549d ago

They need to make it so that legendary engrams only give legendary items. It's just disappointing to think you got one and then not. Make it so they drop less often but at least make it a sure thing so a man doesn't get excited for nothing.

GhostTurtle1549d ago

Couldn't agree more. Keep it sure thing legendary but just make it where it drops less. If anything make it at a minimum sure thing legendary, with a small chance of being exotic.

GuruStarr781549d ago

I disagree... even though alot of people will hate me for it..

I like the fact that they make them hard to get... it makes getting them all the much more satisfying when you actually do... if they made them that easy, everyone would have them and it would make them less attractive...

Jaqen_Hghar1549d ago

A man NEVER said to make it easy. A man just wants the LEGENDARY engrams to be only for legendary items. You can have legendary ENGRAMS drop less overall to compensate but make sure it's a sure thing when they DO drop. Understand a man's point now? He just doesn't want to get excited over nothing.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891549d ago

Pretty much like Diablo 3 where an item has question marks.

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