New Terrifying Bloodborne Screenshots and Artwork Revealed on Weekly Famitsu, Showing New Boss

The latest issue of the magazine Weekly Famitsu had a rather extensive feature on the upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, and between the many screenshots included there were a few new ones, in addition to a couple pieces of very interesting and rather terrifying artwork.

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GamersHeaven1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Definitely getting a Demon's souls vibe from those screen shots loving it.

camel_toad1485d ago

Im henceforth shutting myself out of any future bloodbourne media. Ive seen enough. Must... wait...

Axonometri1486d ago

Were those printed on papyrus or what? Game is looking dark, grungy and shredded. Perfect!

darren_poolies1486d ago

Never been so excited for a game

medman1486d ago

I'm particularly enjoying seeing the creatures go down and the blood soaking the streets and the protagonist. And the shrieks and screams in the background foreshadowing the horrors to come are delicious...I will be cranking the volume to unacceptable levels and enjoying to the fullest.

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