Final Fantasy XV: 2013 vs 2014 Tech Demo Comparison Shows Enhanced Particle Effects

GC - "We get a better idea of how the game’s visuals are going to look and when you compare it to the 2013 demo, it certainly looks really promising."

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vishmarx1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

more than that the combat is just insane, those partner combos and the firaga look amazing.imagine the kind of stuff we'll see late game,
especially with summons like the e3 leviathan in the picture

Magicite1545d ago

Hopefully GOTY 2015...or 2016?

Walker1545d ago

It looks like downgreaded than enhanced :/

Smurf11545d ago

Are you serious? The particle effects have more oomph in the new demo.

Smurf11545d ago

Also, the game should look much better once they finish the demo. The current one is said to be 70 to 80% complete.

re2_apocalypse1545d ago

Wow... your a downgrade. A downgrade troll, with that feeble attempt

DarkOcelet1545d ago

I know whats downgraded , its your bubbles .

Zichu1545d ago

I actually like both, I don't see it as a downgrade tbh.

You couldn't really see Behemoth properly in the first GIF, he was completely engulfed in flames, but the effect is really nice.

The second one you can actually see him, you also have the sparks of the flames.

Anyway, overall, the lighting is different and the time of day is different. The second one looks a lot glossier than the first one, looks kind of grainy in the first one, unless that's because of the GIF itself.

Meltic1544d ago

I agree and disagree with walker. Look closely in the 2013 video there is smoke after he have used he's magic. And the 2014 video there isnt smoke. BUT everything else in the 2014 video looks sharper and much better. So thumbs up !. Still a demo though..

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C L O U D1545d ago

Couldn't believe the quality of the such a low resolution stream it still looked impressive.

The animations are so fluent, I must say from TGS this and MGSV has the smoothest animation I've seen thus far recently

DarkOcelet1545d ago

Yeah , this tgs was excellent . I think Japanese games are really rising again . Bloodborne , MGSV , FFXV , Persona 5 , The Evil Within and i am glad they are because they work really hard on making their games perfect . Not just release all those yearly iterations to make more money and put a half @$$ game with the other half as DLC :/

C L O U D1545d ago

This is absolutely true, you can tell they're perfectionist in their craft, I just hope more developers follow in future

Zichu1545d ago

What I am liking about these games is they have this western appeal to them, yet have that Japanese spark still inside which I really like.

It truly makes me happy to see how these games look and how they play. Just watching MGS V and the detail in everything and even the humor just takes me back to early MGS.

Bloodborne just looks creepy as hell and it really suits the game. So dark and foggy, the particles are also really amazing.

ComBaTs0uL1545d ago

It should go back to turn based combat..

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