12 Minutes of Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive's Gameplay Show Chaos Squad Co-op Mode

The upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive by Insomniac Games is shaping up really nicely, and it’s playable at Tokyo Game Show in its multiplayer mode.

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Foehammer1545d ago

Great to see options like Co-operative play.

Looks fun.

GodGinrai1545d ago

I hear that. I cant get enough co op games to be honest. Love the art style too and the mix of run and gun and jet set radio style traversing of the map, seems really cool. It looks like a fun game to play.

Bigpappy1545d ago

these players seem invincible. I want to see the game played at default difficulty. Challenge is very important, and co-op is no fun without it.

Dontworrybhappy1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

It's pretty easy to die. The people that don't traverse the map and use vertical movement seem to die very fast.

urwifeminder1545d ago

Yep more must have action for me get inline Sunset 3rd on the list no need to pick it up day one for me got too much on.

Thefreeman0121545d ago

agreed ill get it 6 months+ later to wait for the discount

PCBOX1545d ago

It was looking gorgeous at Gamescom but now even look better.This game is pure fun with incredible visuals.I cant wait!

AndrewLB1545d ago

Tons of super flashy neon lighting does not = "incredible visuals".

lifeisgamesok1545d ago

"Tons of super flashy lights does not = incredible visuals"

Correct but Sunset Overdrive has great visuals, art style and super flashy lights ;)

SideNote1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

@Andrew So that makes Infamous Second Son an ugly looking game too then?? Think not.

Tedakin1545d ago

I played it at Comic Con. It was fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.