TGS trailer for Earth Defense Force 2 Portable V2

A new Tokyo Game Show trailer for Earth Defense Force 2 Portable V2 has been released by D3 Publisher.

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Paul_Murphy1544d ago

I forgot that I grabbed EDF from the sale! Best go and redownload it.

GuruStarr781544d ago

When did it go on sale? You're talking about the vita version, right? I've never seen it below $40... at least here in the US.

hulk_bash19871543d ago

I grabbed it for like $17.99 in a flash sale like some ime last year. It's a pretty fun game.

GuruStarr781543d ago


Yeah, I really enjoy the latest one on the 360.. online is a blast with some buddies.... I'd love to experience it on the Vita!

WeAreLegion1543d ago

Freakin' awesome! I still play the first one on Vita constantly. I didn't even know they were bringing this to Vita!