IGN: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Wii Interview

It may have been slow to arrive, but that galaxy far, far away has finally come to Wii. First, with LEGO Star Wars and next with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. But LucasArts may be saving the best for last in the form of a ground-up Wii-exclusive effort based on the upcoming animated movie and TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The title, developed by Krome Studios, is set to hit Nintendo's console later this year and it's designed to make full use of the Wii remote.

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PS360WII3830d ago

Wow so the Wii is getting 2 Star Wars games in one year. Not bad, not bad at all :)

mepsipax3830d ago

Krome is saying the exact same thing for Force Unleashed, like I mean the exact same thing, it's like in the interview they don't even acknoledge unleashed, this just is going to be like force unleashed's duel mode, with stylized models and levels, and some classic battles, seems to me more like a sidethought more than a fully developed game.

PS360WII3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I guess we'll have to wait for more news

mf_fm3830d ago

now, i am finally pleased 100% on the Wii

ever since i finished Okami, SSBB, Mario Kart, then the wii hasn't been turn on as often yet...

well GTAIV and MGS4 kept me busy lately...

and now 2 Star Wars on Wii which no one will be safe from my sword, ohhh sh!t watch out female, here goes my saber!!

cooke153830d ago

sweet :) i like the art style