PS4 Exclusive DriveClub: Real-Life Images of Cars That Will Be Available In Free PS Plus Edition

Take a look at real life images of cars that will be available in DriveClub PlayStation Plus free edition.

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Smurf11543d ago

I feel like the car count is really low, but I guess it's fine since they are highly detailed. Can't wait to play the game.

DarkOcelet1543d ago

Usually people prefer two or three cars , having 50 cars or a 1000 cars wont make much difference when you stick with a few handful cars .

Imalwaysright1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Then let's ask Poliphony Digital to put only 3 cars in GT7. That way we'll probably get GT7 in the next year. Let's also ask Evolution to not bother with the DLC they have planned because obviously people won't pay for it or downloaded it. Someone should tell them that before they waste time and resources on it. Time and resources that could be used on making a PS4 motorstorm but this time with just 3 classes of vehicles. 7 classes is too much.

Magicite1543d ago

quality over quantity, okay?

BG115791543d ago

It's their first game racing game of the sort, I feel it's natural to have a low count. Plus the amount of detail is for each car is really high. So it's actually pretty good for a first game.

kaozgamer1543d ago

ooh woow that zonda R <3

Master-H1543d ago

Cool cars but at 17 GB i don't think i will be downloading the ps+ edition anyway, my internet can't handle that. Wish they had separated the full edition from the ps+ one in size , so it would be like 1.7 GB or so.

ps4fanboy1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Lol at ppl complaining ,I've read the last day or so , no jap cars!? , no american!?
Gaze over what there is... I have no complaints at all!

As for car numbers , I'd rather have a dozen special(though obviously there is more than that!) , best in the world cars , than 200 variants of a skyline , or big classic american boats(big cars) trying to wrestle round the track(unless it is a mustang shelby GT 500!) Or a few others I love of american autos, and jap cars!
the numbers will increase as will the variety of manufactured cars ... So no worries.

As for the time being , what's not to like ,of what there is!?

Torque_CS_Lewith1543d ago

This list only satisfies those with European car lust. You can have well over 200 cars without repeat Skylines (Forza proves this).
We are going to see alot if clubs that have very similar member cars because there isn't much to choose from.
6 members with only 50 cars to choose from and no performance modifications? What is the point?

ps4fanboy1543d ago

Look how mods affect online races on turismo , evolution in their wisdom have made this game with a vision in mind and have stuck too it , and I can't wait to try , who needs more than six in a club?
Six great players , perfect, and easy to drop and replace ppl who are crap.

HanzoHattori1543d ago

"Lol at ppl complaining ,I've read the last day or so , no jap cars!? , no american!?
Gaze over what there is... I have no complaints at all!"


It's a European racer, staged in Europe, with European cars.

Either buy it or don't. Stop whining.

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The story is too old to be commented.