Way Of The Samurai 3 Looks Budget-y

Spike's Way of the Samurai 3 looks a bit... hideous. That's a PlayStation 3 game you're looking at, folks, pretty much on par with Spike's graphical prowess as displayed in previous Way of the Samurai games for the PlayStation 2. It's certainly no Yakuza 3 KENZAN! So why are we excited? Because the Way of the Samurai series is fun way to waste an afternoon, even if it's a bit of an ugly duckling. The series has been getting worse and worse from the get go, but that doesn't mean we aren't hoping that some naive American publisher will pick it up and loose buckets of money on the thing so we can get our oddball samurai thrills.

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etownone3832d ago

ugly duckling? Budget-y ?
bu bu bu but what about the power of the celllllll?!

etownone3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I hope no one was looking forward to this game.

NO_PUDding3832d ago

I was, and I still am. I played the first one a lot, and it was great.

If they can pull it off again, I'd be happy to have it is a PS3 exclsuive.

Rikitatsu3832d ago

I just had a debate with a graphic whore about this game,

Why people care so much about graphics these days ?

NO_PUDding3831d ago

It is quite important. It's part of portraying your game, and aesthetics are pivotal in your experience. I doubt Shadow of the Colossus would have been so reverred if it didn't abuse bloom, and low res textures to it's advantage.

Part of personality is formed in art direction, and general effort put in reflects production values. And when a game looks like a staple game, it also distarcts from the gameplay.

PS360WII3832d ago

Umm I think it always was a budget title? Wasn't it? First one rocked but yeah there was nothing blockbuster about it you know. Not every game needs to push it to the limit

spandexxking3832d ago

well to be fair the first two were pretty average so i was expecting this one to do any justice to the series. its probably also on ps2.

Pornlord3831d ago

hahaha Don't even go there, this is lazy developement and you know it.