Persona 4: Dancing All Night Delayed to 2015

It was announced at TGS that Persona 4: Dancing All Night was delayed to 2015.

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ValKilmer1549d ago


Now I'll have to get my anime dancing fix with Hatsune Miku. And I there's only so long I can play that game without being accused of things.

jujubee881549d ago

I want to hear that new OST. :)

CernaML1548d ago

I just hope it doesnt run at 30fps like Hatsune Miku. No music game should EVER run at 30fps.

yugioh201549d ago

This nonsensical game, I don't care. My Persona can't become like as this.

Protagonist1549d ago

She is Indeed ;)

Check this Top 50 PS Vita Games 2014, Rise dancing ;)

Bobmaster201548d ago

*sigh* I guess it's understandable. I mean it's probably pretty hard to program Yu's swag.

SactoGamer1548d ago

I'm pretty sure we'll survive.

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