#GamerGate: Devs Call Games Journalists ‘Weasel Axis’, Composed Of Charlatans, Agitators

One Angry Gamer "There’s no denying that the disgusting display of so-called video game journalists has become a black mark on the video game industry. After Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos uncovered the cabal of gaming journalists colluding to dictate how they would and would not cover the #GamerGate scandal, things all fell into place, outing just how corrupt the games journalism ring really is. Worse yet is the temerity these moral assailants carry about them, with the leader of the group and senior editor at Ars Technica, Kyle Oreland, exclaiming on Twitter “I regret nothing”. Well, developers are tired of these domineering hijackers of truth, and they’ve made their voices known in a recent interview."

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001550d ago

I hope more devs speak out about this.

HighResHero1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Sounds promising! I will save that link for later.
Gamers really do have the power after all. Especially if they realize it.

Alicornium1550d ago

>implying we need more gamergate articles

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Alicornium1550d ago

Goddamn, sorry, didn't really look at the article. Most #gamergate articles say "OMG GAEMZ R DYIN"

Sure did learn my lesson about not paying attention.

*tips fedora*

Dee_911549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

lol I bet @mixelon agreed with you original comment

Usually when you see a #Gamergate article its usually from gamergate.The fact we are seeing less and less anti gamers/ misogyny sexism articles and more #gamergate articles is a very good thing. Escapist and forbes have also made #gamergate articles.It seems people are actually starting to listen instead of writing us all off.Hopefully soon we can have civil discussions about the issues they have with games and improvements wanted without shaming a gender or demographic.

For the record from the beginning I have been all for more female protagonist :)

Knightshade1550d ago

Just keep in mind that not all of us are untrustworthy assholes. I don't want to be lumped in with this cabal of the dumb.

kingdip901550d ago

Trolls pretend to be a part of whatever group helps them get a bigger rise out of people. Trolls are the problem here be they journalists, gamers or faux feminists (I like that better than SJW)

The anonymity of the internet makes a decent conversation about internet cultures hard because so many trolls fake a stance just to get a rise.

NewMonday1550d ago

It's a specific group of websites and writers, there are plenty of people with integrity on the gamers side

mixelon1550d ago

There are plenty of people with integrity on both sides. Agreeing with either side's core arguments doesn't make one like the worst members of the group.

That's where people need to learn a little bit of negotiation and acceptance.

And there are even *more* people who aren't on either side. Who're going about their business and really probably think it's all a bit overblown.

NewMonday1550d ago

I meant writers on the gamers side.

Baccra171550d ago

Hiding behind proxy sjw and lies, this is getting to DE:Human revolution levels. Probably only thing that's going to hurt them is to attack their wallets. we need to organize a campaign boycotting their sponsors.