FFXV Demo In-Game Gif Shows Full Dynamic Night/Day Cycle, Improved Graphics, Looks Quite Impressive

Today, Square Enix surprised Final Fantasy series fans and live stream gameplay of Final Fantasy XV demo showcasing some impressive graphics/visuals, realistic dynamic day-night cycle and lot more.

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NewMonday1548d ago

Between FFXV, MGS5, P.T, Deep Down and Bloodborne Japanese developers are making a comeback and competing with western AAA production values again, the learning curve was steep but now should be smooth sailing.

PS4isKing_821548d ago

Yes I agree. Japan finally got thier mojo back. Evil within, fatal frame 5, silent hills, mgs5, FF15, bloodborne, bayonetta 2, guilty gear xrd, etc.

My god all of a sudden it feels like I'm back in the ps2 era with so many AAA Japanese games again. With western developed games they mostly focused on shooting with no creativity or memorable moments or characters.

aCasualGamer1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Funny how one of the biggest publishers/devs in Japan still are struggling thanks to their "westernized" philosophy for the future of their franchises. I'm ofcourse talking about Capcom. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a start in the right direction, but from what has been shown it's apparently a babystep in the right direction. Meanwhile, other devs are going strong with their direction... FFXV, MGS5, PT, Bloodborne and Evil Within etc.

Ontopic... That footage is really compressed yet i still found it to be mindblowing. Especially the teleportation and the details of the environment.

hkgamer1548d ago

i think they really struggled with the cell processor last gen, hence the late jump to the ps3 format.

this gen they have no excuses. its great to see japanese developers compete worldwide.

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Gasian1548d ago

Dang this game is seriously impressive looking. I have high hopes for this game. Can't wait to play the demo next March! :D

jobboy1548d ago

impressive! i hope this is real console footage...

Jumper091548d ago

There is a lot of aliasing. ITs for sure console footage.

PCBOX1548d ago

This is realy looking good.I cant wait for this!

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The story is too old to be commented.