Dragon Ball Xenoverse Confirmed for PC

Namco Bandai has revealed a good news for PC gamers and you know what Dragon Ball Xenoverse is coming to PC. The team is already working on the PC version and it will be in early 2015 for PC , PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 and XBOX One.

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megatron007331546d ago

Awesome News I must say :D

MrSwankSinatra1546d ago

I'm sick of these Budokai Tenkaichi type of DBZ games. I want Budokai-Budokai 2-Budokai 3 type of gameplay.

Neoninja1546d ago

While I agree with you 100%, I believe that Dimps, the team behind the Budokai games is developing Xenoverse. Personally I'm not sold on the game and probably won't purchase another Dragon Ball game for a long time, unless they do an action game like Legacy of Goku or a rpg like DBZ Attack of the Saiyans.

megatron007331546d ago

I agree with you! But I have some good expectations from this one.

TWB1545d ago

Battle of Z and Xenoverse are nothing like Tenkaichi's (oh well, maybe Battle of Z was as bad as Tenkaichi 1).

Xenoverse looks like a decent game but I doubt it will tickle me the same way tenkaichi 3 did.

Its mostly up to the movement and the genius/very simple combo system that made the game interesting and none of these seem to be present in xenoverse (and they certainly werent in BOZ).

MicDude1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Yes! Now let's hope it'll be a good game. The last great DBZ game was BT3. I know that'll upset some folks but that's how I feel.

The combat in the newer games just doesn't feel as good as previous games; it feels kind of mechanical in these newer games. Know what I mean? If you wanna make a good DBZ game you should focus on the combat. The pretty graphics should be more of an after-thought.

TWB1545d ago

Yeah, For example Raging Blast 2 is much more stiff and awkward and doesnt have as good beam effects like Tenkaichi 3.

Besides I think Tenkaichi 3 had awesome graphics which only would need little improving for them to be prefect. DBZ was never that much of a "beautiful" anime anyway.

1546d ago
Einhert1546d ago

My love for DBZ games died long ago however this is good news along with the announcement of MGSV for PC.

Finally Japanese developers are taking the PC seriously as a platform. I have to thank Dark Souls and From Software for kicking it all off.

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