Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain – DD the Wolf revealed

During TGS 2014, Hideo Kojima revealed DD the wolf in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. 5 new screenshots included.

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vishmarx1543d ago

DAT eyepatch lol
all he needs to do now is smoke a phantom cig and its game of the forever

AgentSmithPS41543d ago

Cute wolf.

A male dog I know would pick up a different kind of cigar, he'd find some dried female poop and run around with it in his mouth just like a cigar.

mikeslemonade1543d ago

The puppy is going to evolve into Sniper Wolf.

Actually one theory is that Big Boss gives it to a young girl who is the young version of Sniper Wolf.

BiggCMan1543d ago

I lost it when I saw the eye patch hahaha. Also, there is a NEW stream happening as of this comment! Don't know what they will show though.

breakpad1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

spoiler :p ..MGSV will have a Sniper Wolf relation/revelation inside surrounding that wolf...if not the same wolf wouldnot transform later to a Sniper Wolf (Kojima has done it before) i want the game so bad

yewles11543d ago

Is it me, or are they trying to 180 the tone set from how it was in GZ?

pwnsause_returns1543d ago

you know that dog is gonna die -_-

BiggCMan1543d ago

Believe me when I say that all this kind of stuff has been planned the whole time. Metal Gear has ALWAYS been ridiculous AND serious at the same time. This is just following tradition. It's like everyone forgot what Metal Gear was with 5. It will still be the emotional rollercoaster the series is known for, while still retaining the hilarious romps that it is also known for.

DarXyde1543d ago

For the record, you DO know that the Liquid Ocelot arm thing in Sons of Liberty and how it was explained in Guns of the Patriots was literally a change in story direction, right? It was originally supposed to be as wacky as MGS2 proposed but that idea was scrapped.

I wouldn't say all this stuff has been planned the whole time, but at least they're doing very well at matching it all up anyway.

LackTrue4K1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Metal Gear Solid story has always been kind of silly/not base on real live, but its game play NEVER!

Einhert1543d ago

I apologise for all my hating about kiefer

The wolf with an eyepatch has such charm I cannot but help want it.

Remy_Chaos1543d ago

lol I love it, DD's cute!

DarXyde1543d ago

I swear when it shows DD at the end of the trailer, I thought I heard "Revenge with a Vengeance" playing, like a strange homage to Solidus and Raiden's relationship. Totally unlikely, but it sounded like it to me.

This game gets harder and harder to wait for. Looking at how many trailers the game has and what Kojima can afford to tell, this game is going to be enormous. When Kojima said he wanted to go for the open world format, he definitely doesn't look to be talking about the short inFamous type, but the GTA/Skyrim type.

Fizzler1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Kojima actually said himself it will not be like GTA's open world, it will be smaller but regional open worlds.
I'd imagine it's kinda like how Assassin's Creed does it.

DarXyde1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

I wonder if we'd be misinterpreting what he says about it. I recall Kojima saying different things about it. In one case, traveling to other countries in a sort of free roam format. In the other, a more compartmentalized per mission open world. I'm also going off that massive map shown a while back that looked like an entire country. Perhaps it's open world but upon entering an area, a mission is triggered and then you're confined to a space? I'd rather not speculate and just wait for it.

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