Bloodborne Collector's Edition Now Available For Pre-Order

Hardcore Gamer: It was revealed only recently, but the Bloodborne Collector's Edition is already available to pre-order.

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ValKilmer1276d ago

I locked in a pre-order. This could sell out very quickly.

Deep-throat1276d ago

Yeah, like Demon's Souls LE (VERY rare)

TheWackyMan1276d ago

but it's not demons souls and arguably one of the biggest reasons to get a PS4.

ScubaSteve11276d ago

which is why i preordered 2

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1276d ago

Think I'm gonna be bold a wait a while.

AndrewLB1276d ago

I miss the days when pre-ordering a game got you a limited edition version for no additional charge like some Ubisoft games used to do, and not a "skin" for a character or other meaningless junk. At least kick down the official soundtrack like some developers once did like for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, Demon's Souls, Persona, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Legacy of Ys I & II, and Chrono-Trigger.

Nothing is more insulting than fronting some company your hard earned money 5 months in advance of release for a "skin".

The same goes for these "Pay us to beta-test our buggy game" crap, especially when they don't give you a significant discount. A buddy of mine used to work for Activision during the late 90's as a game tester and he made darn good money. It's such a con to actually charge gamers to do this work.

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-Foxtrot1276d ago

Anyone heard about something for Europe?

Hanso1276d ago

The CE for EU still needs to be finalised.
Just check Amazon once a day like me :P

-Foxtrot1276d ago

By finalising they probably mean "trying to find a way to charge you guys more for less"

I bet they cut the Steelbook out of it.

Majin-vegeta1276d ago

got 3 copies locked down x).

ValKilmer1276d ago

Haha, you're not scalping are you?

Gore-Content1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Hmm, dissapointing that there aren't any ingame items included as a bonus.

TekKing1276d ago

"Now, for those of you who pre-order the game, either at your favorite participating retailer or through our digital PlayStation Store, we’ve got an exciting pre-order DLC for you. In Bloodborne, hunters have special companions called Messengers that have creeped up out of the nightmare world and facilitate some of the asynchronous online gameplay features. If you pre-order Bloodborne, you will be treated to an exclusive alternate skin for your Messengers."

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The story is too old to be commented.