Extended Dragon Ball Xenoverse Trailer 2

3 minute long video of the new game.

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HeavenlySnipes1366d ago

Still have hope that one day an open world DBZ that follows through the whole Saiyan to Buu saga will be made

You'd think that a show that has the premise of fighters training and fighting to grow stronger would translate to a worthwile RPG but I guess not

ShadowWolf7121366d ago

I'd actually much prefer that style of game to actually start from the beginning. Dragon Ball is an amazing series throughout, it's a waste to only cover part of it.

DanteVFenris6661366d ago

It's not that no one thinks it would work. It's just that fighters are lower budget. It's really as simple as that for this company. If love an open world dbz game that's why buus fury to this day is the best dbz game

ShadowWolf7121366d ago

Eh, I'd disagree... So far my personal favorite in terms of open-world has been Attack of the Saiyans/Saiyan Invasion.

kevinsheeks1366d ago

They're so greedy they make these cheap rehashes rather then coughing up the funds to make a actual hit that would generate even more money

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Tired of this franchise. It needs a new developer. The combat keeps getting worse, the art style keeps getting more and more ridiculous, the character models are still garbage (seriously the burst limit models still look better), and the animations are bad too.

Spontogical1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

This is a 'new' developer...

Dimps hasn't worked on a DBZ game since Burst Limit in 2008.

Unless you mean a completely new dev..

Imo dimps will do the best job - they made the best DBZ game to date. budokai 3.

BG115791366d ago

Well I'm kind of excite. To rewrite DB history is almost an honor.
This is like DB multiverse stories made by fans. I'm wondering.

I hope that the gameplay is worst it.