Silent Hills: Guillermo del Toro's Thoughts on Hideo Kojima

What does the director have to say about Hideo Kojima's directorial ambitions and P.T.?

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Agent_hitman1545d ago

Great tandem. Silent Hills is definitely the best on the series.

Darkwatchman1545d ago

how is it the best in the series when it isn't out yet and is still so early in development that whether it'll remain first person like PT or be third person STILL hasn't been pinpointed and zero ACTUAL gameplay from it has been shown?

BuLLDoG9091544d ago

And komani/kojima is thinking about making Silenthills episodic... I hope they dont go that route.

NarooN1544d ago

Literally nothing is known about the actual game and it's years away from release, yet people are already proclaiming it's the best just because Kojima is involved? Lol okay.

Biohazard88601544d ago

Silent hill 2 and 3 will forever be the best games IMO you just have these new comers D#ck riding the new game cause its first person.