Considering Buying Destiny? Here's a Better Way to Spend $60 on Your PS4

Hardcore Gamer: Destiny is a great game, but if you have sixty hard-earned American dollars in your pocket and a shiny new PlayStation 4, you can certainly get more value elsewhere.

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annoyedgamer1546d ago

Destiny isn't an exclusive...

MrSwankSinatra1546d ago

No one said that it was....

ValKilmer1546d ago

And most people are probably playing it on PS4...

randomass1711546d ago

Destiny's presence is strongest on PS4. There is also the white PS4 Destiny bundle. Got one on launch day and I'm quite happy with the system so far. :)

annoyedgamer1546d ago

Most are implying it is and the article as well as the tags are attempting to play it off as it is.

user3672721546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I think the title should also apply to xbox owners as well since it is the same game and a lot of people on both sides are not too thrill with the game, myself inclused. Already traded my Destiny copy for store credit for Forza Horizon 2..that is what I'll be spending my money on.

BootyBandit1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Played Destiny for 8 hours today. Most likely I'm going to squeeze out another mission or 2 before I hit the rack since I have no work tomorrow.

I got mine for $40 but would've gladly paid full freight. I'm addicted to this game like I haven't been in ages. It is without question my favorite game so far this generation.

All of my friends are loving this game and both of my friends list are filled with people playing it. It's pretty much all I see my friends playing on both consoles since it was released.

So opinions definitely vary.
I don't know one gamer that bought Destiny that is having a good time with it. It's one of those games, at least for me, that you want to call out of work to play. One of those games that when you're not playing it you're thinking about playing it.

I can easily see myself putting a couple to few hundred hours into this game.

MillennialBuddha1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

[email protected] isn't strong enough yet.

darren_poolies1545d ago


Not really because if you actually bothered to look at the article, not all of the games he listed are available on the Xbox One. Derp.

indyman77771545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

The article lists child of light.....I thought it was a side scrolling game because every time I saw it advertised, there was side scrolling, and platforming. Then I see this article, and it says its a TURN BASED RPGS? (as in not action) what! I peed my pants. Then watched it on youtube, same misleading crap, then I find a battle clip, and it was a turn based RPG, with melodramatic music, and everything! Had I known that (thanks marketing for emphasizing the action, and platforming (sarcasm)) I would have bought it day one. First I'm going to see if disc replay, or gamestop has it for 15-20$, or less. If not I will come home, and download it for $15 bucks! Hurray!

XBLSkull1545d ago Show
Mega241545d ago


This dude is trying to hard.

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Snookies121546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Lol, the people that disagreed... Do they think it is...? o_o

ValKilmer1546d ago

The article never said it was an exclusive, it's just a piece aimed at at PS4 owners.

Snookies121546d ago

@ValKilmer - I get that, but I just found the disagrees kind of funny because his statement wasn't wrong.

annoyedgamer1546d ago

The main reason I mentioned that is because I was considering reporting the submission suggesting to add the Xbox 360, PS3 and Xbox One tags because regardless of what the author wants the readers to think Destiny remains a multiplatform game.

joab7771546d ago

Right now, imo, if u like great fps play and loot hunting, there is no better way.

I love ff14 and diablo 3 UEE, but Destiny has me so addicted right now. If it grows just right, I'll b hooked in a bad way.

Kingdomcome2471545d ago

I plan on picking it up in time. I don't want to wait too long, and be really far behind the curve. I broke my leg, and right before doing so had spent close to $300.00 paying off my preorders, so my money was looking a little funny. I decided to only buy one game this month, and went with Metro Redux. I definitely want to pick Destiny up along with my preorders in the first week of October, but with the emphasis on leveling up gear and the role that I've heard that plays in the Crucible I hope that I'm not too far behind. I don't fully understand how the full game works, but it seems as though if you don't jump in pretty quickly you'll find yourself struggling to keep your head above the water in PvP. For those that have played it, am I looking at a daunting task if I choose to jump in in a few weeks?

ovnipc1545d ago

No one said that but plays perfectly fine on the one.

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Misterhon1546d ago

I paid €60 for Destiny on PS4 and i have got like 100+ hours on it. For that kind of money i would say it's a pretty good buy!

Totoro171546d ago

Amen dude. After about 50 hours in, I went on N4G and saw all these criticisms about the game, scratched my head, and went back to it. I'm really loving this game. The replay value is incredible.

Conzul1545d ago

Same here. Personal hygiene is taking hits :(

Totoro171545d ago

lol...yeah and damn stomach growling every other 6 hours wanting food in it or something.

OB1Biker1545d ago

Hopefully a good blow to internet reviews/critics that think they can make or break a game and reviews to go back to their primary role as to inform readers and help them make THEIR own opinion instead of just be essays pushing reviewers opinions

ScottyHoss1545d ago

Or even worse, essays pushing publishers products (for a fee). After seeing the destiny review I've completely lost faith in reviews, it was childish of them to get so angry over no review copy lol

Legend1545d ago

Agree, and after Gamergate I don't know how many blows mainstream video game journalism can take and still stand up as relevant.

BaconBits1546d ago

Child of Light is pretty good but I had just play Stick of Truth prior to trying it and found it (child of light) a bit too slow.

Assassingamer1361546d ago

How about keeping the opinion to yourself and let me worry about what I decide to spend my money on.

Salooh1546d ago

Anyone who follow gaming news knows almost everything about the upcoming and current games . So people in this site don't need articles like these. They know what they like even before the games released.

Scatpants1545d ago

I agree, but Transistor is a F'ing amazing game. Definitely in the top 5 games I've played this year. I would argue that you can't compare Destiny to it since it is completely different. I've had a lot of fun with both, but from an artistic standpoint Transistor is more interesting, also has really unique gameplay.

typittt691546d ago

What if they were planning on buying it for xbox?? What then??

DanteVFenris6661546d ago

Then you should have got a ps4. Hahaha just kidding

typittt691546d ago

Actually i have one too

scark921545d ago

Lol! I love how people are disagreeing with your joke, it was funny!

Spotie1545d ago

Then maybe they'll have to wait for that article?

Scatpants1545d ago

You can get most of these games on xbox too so at the parts where he says PS4, just imagine xbox.