Exclusive New Infamous Screens

Game Informer recently blew the lid off Infamous in a 10-page cover feature about Sucker Punch's new open world title. Now, enjoy exclusive new screens from the upcoming sandbox game.

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TheHater3829d ago

I love the last screen shot. It look epic

morganfell3829d ago

It's like Unbreakable meets Xmen.

sonarus3829d ago

lol don't actually see any of those in that game. My biggest thing with this game is its too similar to prototype. I will probably only play one of the two so it just goes down to which is the better game in the end.

morganfell3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I do see those elements. I am a GI subscriber and that definitely comes through in the article. And you mean Prototype looks like Infamous. Infamous was shown first and then dropped off the radar.

ActionBastard3829d ago

Unbreakable = win. Best Shamalaptizzle flick. And infamous reminds me of it as well. I like the "real world" approach. Those screens are epic.

mikeslemonade3829d ago

Atleast it's better looking than GTA4 and it isn't going to be releasing anytime soon so the game should look better on release.

NO_PUDding3828d ago

SuckerPunch is awesome.

Prototype hasn't tickled my fancy becuase I knew this was aroudn the corner. And anyone who had experience making Sly Cooper 9the whole team in this instance)is goign to amke an awesome game.

This was also announced and shown before Prototype.

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kingOVsticks3829d ago

EPIC! Sucker punch does it again

TheWickedOne3829d ago

I just got done looking through the magazine. It looks epic, but does it play epic.

[email protected]3829d ago

Hmmmm... me like, me like approve it!

MK_Red3829d ago

Nice screens but more than anything, I reall want to see how the karma system works.

Doctor Strange3829d ago

Yes, I want to see the karma system too, thats one of the main selling points for me on this game.

MK_Red3828d ago

Agreed. Definitly the main selling point along with Sucker Punch being the dev.

NO_PUDding3828d ago

If it's got the same charm as Sly Cooper, then I will be wettign myself. Pickign it up regardless.

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The story is too old to be commented.