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IRB GAMER: "NBA 2K rapidly became “the” household name for basketball fans while others tried holding on to an ounce of hope that Live would make its triumph comeback; EA fans, that year has come. Now I know that may seem rather hard to believe, but the product will definitely speak for itself in less than a month."

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Kingthrash3601519d ago

I guess time will tell. History says live's time has come and gone.
Tbh nba2ks time is running low too, but I doubt live will detrine 2k

badboyz091518d ago

How is 2k's time running low?

Kingthrash3601518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Not on sales...but improvement in areas like online play. Anyone who says the servers gave ever worked well are a bold faced lie. And things that never make sense like steve nash running over Dwight Howard for a easy layup. Shot inconsistency ..I dont know how many times ive played and lose to someone who shot d to c grade shots while I shot A to B grade shots..OPEN SHOTS. so frustrating when your on a fast break and for no reaon at all chris paul can pass to the guy next to him for a stupid turn over. The post game is broken and non existent. .big men can't grab rebounds and put them back unless its a put back dunk. Like literally under the rim and can make the easiest bucket in the game but guards can make 3s like layups. Guards post better than big men because guards have better ball security. Post with a big man and its a steal every time. There is no balance. Big men are not big in the game, people should feel them not knock them over they should dominate the post not miss point blank shots. I xan literally go on about problems that should be Jeremy lin doing off the backboard self ally opp dunks. Nba 2k has tge park for that but un a simulation game It should be more realistic. Im saying this because I love 2k...ive played it when it was only called nba2k. But I can't ignore its problems. needs some fixing starting with online servers.

polloloco1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

2k online servers have always been trash. Live is trash all around though.

CertifiedGamer1518d ago

@Kingthrash360 even though your arguement is sound their is always some kiss-a$$ die hard hater hating for no reason. I agree with your statement completely and only a real fan of the series would call out the faults of a game instead of ignoring them.

BX811518d ago

I hope nba live is back.

k3rn3ll1517d ago

Me too. I enjoyed live many years. But around 09-10 2k started to pass them. But before 2k passed them in gameplay, I always felt Live was more realistic and fun

ghostface91518d ago

will check this out to see if its true with the free trial from ea access. Does this game have coop seasons like fifa or 5 humans vs. 5 humans online the last mode was my fav in 2k but there servers are so crappy me and my friends would get lagged out 90 percent of the time

Tyrant 8 RDFL1517d ago

Looking at the trailer the game has promise.

Sayburr1516d ago

I was going to wait for demos before deciding on which game to buy, but I have to buy 2K because it will be out a couple of weeks eariler. I didn't buy 2k14, so I am missing my B-Balling.